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Cleaning Your Workplace: 6 Necessary Tasks

A well-organized and clean workplace makes employees more productive and makes your customers feel more comfortable in your business. The coronavirus pandemic has made all of us more conscious about cleaning and sanitizing. Remember how cleaning supplies and toilet paper flew off of store shelves? People want to feel safe at home and when they leave the house. We’re all trying to do a better job to protect our families and businesses.

You’ve probably taken on some of those cleaning and sanitizing responsibilities yourself. As a business owner, maintaining a healthy workplace is essential to the health and safety of your staff and customers. Here are six tasks you should tackle weekly.

Declutter and Clean

It’s easier to clean when you can actually see the surfaces you want to tackle. Remove dirty coffee cups, stacks of papers, empty boxes, etc. from desks, counters, and other workspaces. Use soap and water to remove dust, dirt, and any dried-on food from all surfaces.

Now that the surface is clean, you can sanitize it with an EPA-approved cleaner or sanitizing wipes. Remember to allow products to remain on surfaces for the recommended amount of time for maximum effectiveness.

Clean Floors

Whether you have carpet, tile, or wood floors, start by vacuuming all the floors. Pay special attention to corners and baseboards where dust and grime can build up. Carpeted surfaces should be regularly deep-cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service or by renting a carpet cleaning machine and doing it yourself. Clean tile and wood floors with cleaners recommended for those surfaces.

Clean Garbage Cans

We’ve all experienced the smell of a garbage can that’s had a banana peel left in there over the weekend! While garbage cans should be emptied daily, you’ll also want to clean and sanitize garbage cans on a regular basis. Germs and bacteria can cause unpleasant smells. Wipe down the inside and outside of the garbage can with sanitizing wipes and allow the surface to dry before putting in a new can liner.

Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces

There are many bacteria hotspots around every business that see a lot of activity daily. Most employees are only focused on their personal desk area, where they spend the largest part of their day. But we all use the copier, coffee pot, vending machine, door handles, and other community items. Use disinfecting wipes or approved sanitizers to clean these surfaces on a weekly basis, if not more often.

If you’re considering using a commercial cleaning service to protect the health and safety of your business, Enviro-Master Services has a weekly electrostatic spraying service that helps protect our business from harmful germs and bacteria. This service continues to work all week long. It’s also non-toxic and is safe enough to use in restaurant kitchens. The electrostatic spraying service is also the final step in our restroom and hygiene service.

Clean and Sanitize Restrooms

Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms is a top priority for all business owners. All of your employees and many of your customers will use the restroom every day. It’s important to make sure the restrooms in your business aren’t spreading germs and illnesses.

Staying on top of restroom cleaning duties can be difficult because every toilet flush can spread millions of microscopic water particles into the air. This water spray lands on every surface and carries germs and bacteria. Enviro-Master’s weekly restroom program uses a powerful germicide, as well as electrostatic spraying, to sanitize all restroom fixtures and protect your business from harmful germs until the technician returns the following week for the next service.

Buy and Restock Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

Do you still have flashbacks to the toilet paper shortage of 2020? Paper towels, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer were nearly impossible to find. Hand soap was also in short supply. Thankfully, those days seem to be behind us, and it’s now easier to buy these supplies when you need them. Keep a good supply in your storage closet, and make sure to restock paper, soap, and hand sanitizer supplies in restrooms and breakrooms because people are washing their hands more frequently.

If you don’t have the space or the time to store and refill toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and hand sanitizer, a professional cleaning service and handle your paper management and hand hygiene needs.

Partner With Enviro-Master Services

While these are all tasks that you and your employees can work on together, you may want to call the professionals for a higher level of cleaning and sanitizing in your business. At Enviro-Master Services, we specialize in protecting businesses from the spread of infectious diseases.

Our commercial cleaning services will make your life easier and make your customers and employees feel more comfortable in your business. Get in touch with us today! Fill out the form below, and your local Enviro-Master franchise owner will be in touch to create a sanitization services plan that will meet the specific needs of your business. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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