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7 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Businesses

The weather is starting to warm up outside, the birds are chirping, and the snow is melting. Now is time to start the spring-cleaning process as well. In addition to deep cleaning and decluttering your home and yard, you also should do the same with your business. What are several of the most important tips you should keep in mind?

1. Make a List of Your Inventory

If you’re ready to start the spring-cleaning process, the first thing you need to do is make a list of everything you have. Create an inventory. What do you have to have? What do you have extra of? What is missing that you currently need? If you start by making an inventory list, you will have an easier time cleaning up the rest of your business.

2. Move Everything to Its Designated Place

Once you have an inventory list, it is time to move everything to its designated place. If you have items that do not have a designated place, it is time to find a spot for them. Before you can clean the rest of your business, you need to put everything in the right location. Think about the best way to organize everything in your business. That way, you will not have to worry about losing something important.

3. Invest in Storage Containers

Do you have papers all over your cabinets, desks, and notebooks? If so, there has to be a better way to organize them. That is where a file cabinet can be helpful. Invest in a strong, durable, large file cabinet. Make sure you organize it with labeled tabs. That way, when you need to reach for important documents later, you know exactly where to find them.

4. Declutter and Organize Your Desk, Shelves and Counters

As you proceed through the cleaning process, take the time to remove any clutter from your desk. If you have items that are not essential for your workday, move them somewhere else. In addition, declutter your drawers as well. How organized are your drawers and shelves? Once you remove all the unnecessary items, you may be able to invest in some desk drawer organizers as well. That way, you won’t have to worry about your desk becoming so dirty again.

5. Dust Off Your Work Areas

Now that you can actually see your tables, desks, chairs, and floors, it is time to dust them off. You may be surprised at just how much dust has collected on them. They may look clean; however, the instant you start dusting them, there’s a good chance that your duster is going to change color. This is a sure sign that your work area was much dirtier than you thought it was.

6. Invest in an Air Filter

You need to make sure that your air quality is as high as possible. In order to make that a reality, you need to invest in a sturdy air filter. When was the last time you actually change the air filters on your HVAC unit? Can you deploy an extra air purifier in your office? This could go a long way toward preventing your business from becoming so dusty in the future.

7. Contact Enviro-Master for Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting

Finally, it is time for the deep cleaning and disinfecting process. Rely on the professionals from Enviro-Master Services to provide outstanding commercial cleaning services for businesses in all industries. In addition to our restroom cleaning service, we also provide a professional tile and grout deep cleaning service. With our sanitizing and disinfecting services, we can reduce your risk of spreading pathogens throughout your workspace, helping your business make a positive impression on everyone who visits. Contact us today! We will be honored to assist you.

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