COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Columbus, Ohio

Gyms can be a fantastic resource, especially during these trying times that we are all dealing with. With more and more companies and facilities working to open back up, it is now more important than ever that we follow the guidelines and recommendations that have been set forth by our local and federal governments. Many states have followed the recommended guidelines set forth by the federal government and have then reconfigured them to meet the needs of their particular area.

Reopening Gyms in Ohio

The guidelines for reopening Ohio businesses has been called, the Restart Ohio initiative. The first guideline is that the facility must limit the number of people in the building to 40% capacity, including the employees that are there at the time. The facility must also set up equipment in a way that allows for a six foot radius around the machine. Classes must allow for six feet of space between each person during classes as well. Excess seating should be removed from the facility to discourage people from sitting or lingering and socializing.

Lost and found areas should also be eliminated to discourage people from touching items and looking through them. Login should be hands free or touch free and it is also encouraged that things like purchases of water or food should be contact free if at all possible. Sanitizing stations should be present and easily accessible and the doors of the facility should be left open as much as possible to help increase air flow and to reduce the need of the patrons to touch the doors to open or close them.

It is also stated that facilities must provide EPA approved cleaners and that the machines must be sanitized between each use. The areas that are in contact with the most people should be cleaned often and the entire facility should be disinfected at least once every 24 hours. It is also noted that facilities must place signs that show the facility requires social distancing, signs that remind about hand washing, and signs that also remind patrons about the things they can be doing to prevent the spread.

Every third locker should be marked to help enforce social distancing, the restrooms should limit the number of people that are in them at any time. Employees should wear facial coverings and patrons should as well if they are not working out. Those facilities that have food services should follow the guidelines that have been set for restaurants.

Keeping Gyms Clean with Commercial Cleaning Services

It is crucial that the facilities stay clean and remain open in a safe manner. These facilities are necessary to help keep people moving and the right cleaning and the right preventative measures are sure to keep your facility open. Enviro-Masters commercial cleaning services can help you to keep your facility clean. We can help with disinfecting, making sure that all surfaces are clean, and making sure that you are able to keep your facility open and safe for patrons. Our Virus Vaporizer Electrostatic Disinfection Services are a great cleaning option for gyms and fitness centers.

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