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Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Cincinnati, OH

Mandatory requirements exist for gyms operating in the Cincinnati, Ohio area in the COVID-19 era. These mandatory requirements are based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as from the state. Gym owners having an awareness of these mandatory requirements is key to ensuring you are operating within the bounds of what is allowed and keeping a safe environment for your clients.


Spacing is one of the key mandatory requirements for gym owners operating in Cincinnati, Ohio. You need to start out by setting up the facility so that you can maintain a social distancing space of six feet. The facility needs to be set up for social distancing beginning with the equipment. Things like treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, all need a six-foot radius around them to protect clients from getting too close to one another.

If you are doing any type of gym class, again setting the area up for the six-foot radius is critical.


Reducing class sizes and setting a capacity that allows for the six feet of distance is also critical. This means that your gym facility will not be able to operate at maximum occupancy. The numbers will differ from one gym to the next. Helping manage capacity and even the social distancing spacing through employee training will assist with reinforcement to your clients.

Contact Tracing

Another mandatory requirement for a gym facility in Cincinnati, Ohio is to have log-in procedures for every client that walks through the door. This needs to be kept in the event there is a need to do contact tracing.

Sanitation of the Facility

You are also going to have to step things up in terms of sanitation of the gym facility. Hand washing or sanitization stations upon entry of the facility is mandatory, along with having products that meet CDC guidelines. Using disinfectants approved by the EPA, including wipes, can allow you to clean high-contact areas within the gym.

It is necessary for high-contact surfaces to have cleaning on a routine basis, using every two hours. During after-hours and low-use times, having a professional company come in to assist with deep cleaning is also ideal. While you can do this on your own, their equipment with fogging machines and other tools can make cleaning more effective, as well as efficient. The team at Enviro-Master can help with an after-hours deep cleaning to get the gym ready for the next day.

As a gym owner in the COVID-19 era in Cincinnati, Ohio, it is critical to follow the state and CDC guidelines. Focusing on all of these things, including signage and training, will go a long way to making sure clients feel and are safe inside of your gym.

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