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Hiring a Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service: Costs vs. Benefits

Americans love eating out. In fact, before the pandemic, one report found that people were spending more money on dining out than they spent at the grocery store. With many people listing “eating in restaurants” as one of the things they missed most from their pre-pandemic lives, industry experts believe restaurants will soon regain the upper hand over grocery stores again.

While many restaurants quickly pivoted to add new health and safety services to make customers and staff feel safe during the pandemic, this is not something that’s expected to go away anytime soon. This focus on restaurant sanitizing services will also extend from commercial kitchens to dining rooms and restrooms.

But restaurant owners don’t have to break the bank to hire a commercial kitchen cleaning service. Here are some of the costs, with the benefits you should expect from hiring a professional cleaning service.

Sanitizing Countertops and Hard Surfaces

Commercial kitchens can’t operate without lots of countertop space to accommodate a range of food prep areas. From trimming meat to chopping vegetables and assembling entrees, kitchens need a lot of space to operate smoothly. However, bacteria from a single contaminated piece of meat can spread to a large area if not handled properly.

Counters should be cleaned and sanitized several times a day, but this may not always be enough to combat germs and bacteria that can hide and grow in tight spaces. Adding a weekly electrostatic spraying service to your commercial kitchen cleaning service can help combat commonly found viruses and bacteria.

Electrostatic spraying has become popular in commercial kitchens because it’s food safe. Costs generally range from 20 to 50 cents per square foot and the service is usually conducted on a weekly basis for best results. The spraying process puts a positive charge on a non-toxic germicide, making it adhere more effectively to counters and other hard surfaces and also remain there longer to do its job. Electrostatic spraying can be used in other areas of your business to help protect your staff and customers.

Deep Cleaning Tile and Grout

Sweeping and mopping is a good way to remove surface dirt, but grout is porous and can trap dirt, as well as germs and bacteria. Over time, light-colored grout can turn dingy and dark and look very unappetizing. This can also be a signal of an unsanitary environment.

A commercial kitchen cleaning service can rid your grout of dirt and grime and any odor-causing agents that may be responsible for that weird smell no one can find! Costs for this service will range between 50 and 75 cents per square foot, depending on the type of tile. Before and after photos show what a difference periodic deep cleaning of tile and grout can make in a business.

Clearing Slow and Clogged Drains

In restaurant kitchens, slow or blocked drains can be caused by food and grease. They can also become a source of unpleasant odors in your business.

A weekly foam drain line service can help remove food and grease, allow drains to flow more freely, and get rid of odor-causing bacteria. This commercial kitchen cleaning service usually runs between three to five dollars per drain, per week. Taking care of the drains in your business will also help you avoid costly plumbing bills.

Cleaning Restrooms

While all restaurants have different culinary specialties, the one thing that all restaurants have in common is they all have restrooms. Your staff and customers expect to have a good experience when they need to go! Restaurant insiders say a dirty restroom is a sure sign of a dirty kitchen. You don’t want to give customers the wrong impression of your business.

A weekly restroom and hygiene service will make sure your restrooms are clean and help protect your business from germs and bacteria. Basic costs for a weekly service will run between four to six dollars per fixture, which includes toilets, sinks, and urinals. An Enviro-Master technician will deep clean fixtures by removing uric scale and other grime. The final step of our restroom and hygiene service includes electrostatic spraying of a hospital-grade germicide. The restroom cleaning service also includes refilling hand soap dispensers and providing air care products at no additional charge.

We understand that your business is important to you. Contact your local Enviro-Master Services owner to find out how we can help protect your business with an affordable cleaning plan. Complete the form below to get in touch with us today!

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