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How to Reduce Allergens in the Workplace

As the weather begins to warm up again, many people begin to suffer from seasonal allergies. It is critical for everyone to make sure they take care of themselves by guarding against these potential allergens. It is also important for employers to take steps to reduce the presence of allergens in the workplace. Here are several ways you can reduce allergens in your business.

1. Remove Dust Mites

There are several possible allergens in the workplace. One of the most common allergens are dust mites. You are probably used to dust in your home; however, do you eliminate dust in your workplace? Make sure you regularly dust all surfaces, including desks, filing cabinets and shelves, kitchen counters and even above the office refrigerator. If you remove dust mites from your workplace, you can get rid of one of the most common allergens that could be harmful to your employees and customers.

2. Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Next, you may not realize just how many allergens are airborne. Whenever someone opens a door, outdoor allergens get into the workplace, especially pollen and pollution. Even though you may not be able to see them, they are probably present. It’s a good idea to invest in an air purifier. An air purifier can remove these common allergens and keep the air clean and healthy. That way, everyone will be able to breathe just a bit easier.

3. Keep the Carpets Clean

Do you have carpets in your workplace? Carpets are a great source of insulation, which may keep your utility bills down. On the other hand, they can also release allergens into the air. Therefore, make sure you clean your carpets thoroughly and regularly. Vacuuming the carpet daily goes a long way in maintaining a healthy work environment, as does regular steam cleaning. Because of the nature of the fibers in your carpets, they can trap dust, pollen, animal hair, and other allergens that could irritate people. If you deep clean your carpets once a season, you make it significantly easier for everyone to breathe.

4. Invest in Professional Cleaning Services from Enviro-Master Services

If you really want to remove allergens from your business, you should invest in professional commercial cleaning services. At Enviro-Master Services, we can provide your business with access to trained professionals who will regularly deep clean, sanitize and disinfect your workplace. Our electrostatic spraying service removes pathogens from your business, keeping everyone healthy. We can also provide a professional restroom cleaning service to ensure you make a positive impression on anyone who uses your bathrooms. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today!

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