COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – Indianapolis, Indiana

COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Indianapolis

With more and more companies working to reopen and to get their normal days of operation back on track, gyms are starting to reopen and new guidelines are being put into place to help get people back out into the world as safely as possible.

Indiana Gym Reopening Regulations

The reopening of gyms is part of the fourth stage of reopening for the state of Indiana. Gyms are allowed to open and can operate at a 50% capacity including the employees. Employees are required to wear face coverings at all times and equipment must be spaced and kept clean as well to ensure that proper social distancing can take place. Classes should be either cancelled or limited in size to a point where there is space enough for six feet of separation between patrons.

It is also required that the gyms and equipment be sanitized several times a day and that equipment be cleaned after each use. Non-contact sports are allowed to continue but they do need to be at a 50% capacity and fields do need to be able to maintain 6 feet of separation between people. It is important that all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized each hour and that that all high touch areas are kept clean.

It is also suggested that one-way entrances be created and that touch free check in and purchases are kept in mind. It is also noted that showers are closed and that other communal areas that cannot be easily cleaned or sanitized should be closed until further notice. It is also important to note that patrons and employees alike should take every precaution to make certain that social distancing is being taken seriously and that masks are worn. Pools are to be used at 50% capacity as well and that the total number of people in pools at any given time does not exceed that 50% capacity.

Commercial Cleaning Services May Help

With the right professional cleaning services you can be certain that your facility is as clean as possible and that all surfaces are disinfected and kept free of virus. Enviro-Master offers COVID cleaning services to help make certain that your entire facility is going to be up to code and up to the specific regulations that have been set forth by your facility. We can help you to make sure that your facility is clean, that it is sanitized, and that you are also able to make certain that patrons are going to be safe while in the facility. Our electrostatic disinfection service is the best option for gyms during this time. The EPA-approved disinfectant used has the capability to cover any and all surfaces safely and effectively, killing virus-causing germs and bacteria.

We can also help with bathroom cleaning services and hand hygiene programs to ensure your facility conforms to the guidelines that have been set forth by your state. We want your patrons to be safe, we want to make sure your employees are safe, and we want to help you do it as quickly and easily as possibly. We can help you clean your facility and make sure it is safe from top to bottom. Contact our Enviro-Master Indianapolis location to learn more about our disinfection services.

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