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How to Keep Your Retail Business Safe for Holiday Shoppers During COVID-19

It’s The Simple Things, Like Safety, That Bring Us Enjoyment During These Holidays

It’s hard to go shopping without having your mind elsewhere: on COVID-19 risks, masks, even where you’re going to find a clean bathroom. Retail shops are limiting the amenities that they offer customers, keeping their staff’s focus on providing customer service and pandemic-safe restocking. Bathrooms have to be clean or closed. Before the pandemic, staff could take terms cleaning, squeezing a spray bottle and wiping surfaces, but now only a COVID-19 cleaning service is likely to meet all the complex and stringent requirements. Plus, a hand hygiene program is essential for any establishment. It’s increasingly complex running a business right now.

Holiday Shopping is a Much-Needed Escape After Months Of Isolation

People are aching to get out and enjoy their holiday rituals. One of those favorite rituals is carefully managed shopping. Your retail business can be a haven for shoppers. It’s a place where, within guidelines of social distancing and headcount, they can relax and explore. Your business is a refuge from the big box stores drawing customers by default.

CDC COVID-19 Standards and State Requirements

The CDC guidelines, and local requirements for disinfection, are a big part of why our COVID-19 cleaning service is in demand. Our restroom cleaning service goes far beyond surface cleaning, using our Virus Vaporizer technology’s electrostatic spray. We place the right protective agents everywhere pathogens can hide and perform detailed hand cleaning as well. For staff and customers, our hand hygiene program ensures that everyone can easily access hand sanitizer and paper products, as we manage your safe store hygiene needs. We’re far more than a routine commercial cleaning company, we’re Enviro-Master.

Here are some important CDC points for retail businesses:

  1. Adjust leave policies, ensuring staff can respond to illness — use our essential commercial cleaning company staff for critical disinfecting.
  2. Listen to employees about their concerns — including general disinfection of the facility.
  3. Perform routine environmental cleaning — our Enviro-Master specialty.
  4. Promote etiquette for sneezing and coughing and supply tissues, trash cans, soap and water, and hand sanitizer — part of our hand hygiene program.
  5. Minimize face-to-face contact and other social transmission risks — using our protected specialists and restroom cleaning service is an excellent solution.

Our Enviro-Master Services ensure that you’re covered and compliant for many COVID-19 requirements.

Reducing COVID-19 Related Stress for Employees and Shoppers

The CDC acknowledges that meeting current stringent requirements has created an atmosphere of tension among store management, workers, and shoppers. Your company’s solid sanitation performance and clear expectations allow everyone to relax, knowing that yours is a destination where there are no doubts. Let us help you focus on holiday spirit!

People are looking for reliable places to shop during the holidays, where they know careful attention is paid to sanitary practices. Let Enviro-Master Services provide you with support that makes your store a desirable holiday shopping destination.


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