COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Phoenix, Arizona

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected our lives in many different ways. One way that our lives have been altered is by how we are able to stay fit and go to a local gym and fitness center. Due to the amount of people that are in a gym at any given time, finding ways to social distance has been challenging. Fortunately, the Arizona Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and local regulatory bodies have provided feedback and advice on how gyms can operate safely during the pandemic. For fitness centers in the Phoenix, AZ area, specific guidelines have been provided.

Understanding Community Spread

The primary guidelines around gym usage is based on the total active community spread of the virus. There are three stages of community spread that should be considered, based on metrics determined in a trailing 14-day period:

  • Minimal Spread: To be considered a minimal spread cases per 100,000 residents needs to be under 10 and positivity rate needs to be below 5%.
  • Moderate Spread: Occurs when cases per every 100,000 residents range from 10 to 100 and the positive rate is between 5.
  • Substantial Spread: Occurs when cases reach more than 100 per 100,000 residents and positivity rates exceed 10%.

Limits on Gym Occupancy

The number of people allowed in the gym or fitness center at any given time will vary based on the level of community spread. When in a period of substantial spread, the gym needs to be completely closed. During a period of moderate spread, the gym can operate at 25% capacity. During a period of minimal spread, they can operate with 50% capacity. Fitness centers are permitted to open back up once positive rate is below 3% for a period of two weeks. During all of these periods, however, it is important to reduce gathering, which will usually include closing communal spaces and lounges.

Gym Cleaning Measures and Protocols

It is up to each gym to follow appropriate cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols. This will usually include using commercial cleaning services like Enviro-Master in Phoenix on a routine basis. However, employees should also regularly disinfect the gym and proper hand hygiene should be a basic requirement of both employees and members.

Social Distancing and Masks in Gyms

During the pandemic, all members of gyms and fitness centers should be required to wear a mask whenever possible. This is particularly true when social distancing is not easy. While in the gym, guests should avoid using weights and equipment until they have been disinfected and should try to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others.

Ultimately, for a gym or fitness center in the Phoenix area to provide a safe environment for their customers, keeping the facility as clean as possible is extremely important. Phoenix area fitness centers should contact Enviro-Master Services to learn more about the cleaning services that they can provide. Some of the services that they offer include commercial cleaning services, disinfection services, bathroom cleaning services, electrostatic disinfection services and specific COVID-19 cleaning services. All of these cleaning solutions can help sanitize and disinfect a gym and keep it safe for all users.

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