COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – Portland, Oregon

We are all eager to get back to normal and making sure that there are stipulations to keep us safe while at the gym and other facilities is just a part of the reopening process. It is always helpful to know what the reopening guidelines are before you do to visit some of your favorite places so that you too can be prepared for what is to come.

Oregon Gym Reopening Guidelines

Gyms have been reopened in the state of Oregon for a few months now but recently the governor has amended these regulations. The first stipulation that gyms must follow is that full contact sports should be suspended for the time being. This means sports like wrestling, cheerleading, basketball, dance, etc. should all be discontinued until further notice. Minimal contact sports like soccer and volleyball should also be suspended for the time being.

Non-contact sports are fine to proceed as long as there are 6 feet of space between participants at any given time. Fitness centers are going to be required to limit the number of people inside the center to no more than 100 people at a time and 250 for outdoor sports or for outdoor fitness programs. The number of people in classes should be limited as well or there should be adequate space between people to make sure that there are at least 6 feet between people.

Staff and clients are required to wear masks at all times except for when they are actively working out or when they can be 6 feet apart. Facilities and equipment need to be cleaned regularly to make sure that they are properly disinfected and water fountains should be closed. Water bottle refill stations can remain open. Pools and other aquatic sports are allowed but social distancing should be maintained.

One way traffic should be maintained when possible and child care should be suspended for the time being. Ventilation systems should be kept in good working order and doors and windows should be opened when possible. Hand sanitizer and soap should be offered when possible and if there is a restaurant in the gym then restaurant guidelines should be followed for that part of the facility.

Cleaning Your Facility

When you do have a facility that is larger or you just want more help with cleaning, a commercial cleaning service is a wonderful alternative and is also a wonderful way of making sure that your facility is fully cleaned and ready for patrons. Enviro-Master is a trusted commercial cleaning service company that can help you to make sure that you are cleaning your facility fully and that you are keeping with state guidelines. We offer a range of cleaning solutions to help ensure that your facility is ready and that your patrons and employees alike are safe.

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