COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – Raleigh, North Carolina

COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Raleigh

Gyms and fitness facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina were allowed to welcome patrons again under Phase 3 of North Carolina’s COVID-19 Gradual Reopening Plan. Gyms were closed in March 2020 during the state’s Stay at Home Order and did not open again until October 2020. There are guidelines in place to keep customers safe while they work out during Phase 3.

Maximum Gym Capacity

Raleigh’s gyms cannot have more than 30 percent of the business’s maximum emergency occupancy inside the building at any one time. Gyms are supposed to provide enough space so that clients can remain 6 feet apart whether they are in a class, using equipment, or waiting for a turn. If a fitness class is moved to an outdoor setting, there can be 12 participants for every 1000 square feet of space.

Gym Safety Protocols

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released some guidance about safety inside gyms. The CDC endorses some kind of health screening each day for both employees and customers. Anyone who fails the screening should be separated from others. And employers are being encouraged to allow sick time for employees with symptoms.

The CDC also recommends physical barriers be put into place between gym clients and employees and instructors. This can include masks, face shields, and plexiglass barriers at the check-in desk.

Health professionals insist that gyms need to pay very close attention to proper cleaning and disinfection of equipment and mats. Employees should be involved in regular cleaning around the gym. Cleaning supplies should be readily available for customers to wipe down what they use before and after a workout.

But to keep a workout facility fully cleaned and disinfected, gym owners should consider professional treatments to eliminate most germs, viruses, and bacteria. Enviro-Master Services of Raleigh specializes in weekly commercial cleaning services with a powerful but non-toxic solution. Our Safety and Health Technicians cover the surfaces of the gym and its restrooms with an electrostatic sprayer known as the Virus Vaporizer. This is the latest and greatest technique for adhering germ fighters to surfaces for longer amounts of time.

Regular cleanings with products found on store shelves may make the mats and equipment inside the gym look shiny and clean. But it takes an extra added layer of germ protection to get that gym truly clean from the smallest barbell to the largest weight machine. Your gym customers will take notice of your extra steps to keep their workout space a happy and healthy environment.

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