COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – San Francisco, California

COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in San Francisco

Gyms and fitness centers in California are opening up and can have indoor and outdoor service, but patrons must be 6 to 12 feet apart. Gym owners can accommodate 25 percent capacity in different rooms. Weight lifting and cardio equipment must be 12 feet apart, if operating indoors and 6 feet apart when operating outdoors.

Is there a reopening plan in San Francisco?

The reopening plan for San Francisco has already been implemented since May 2020 and has undergone various changes since then; adding some businesses while keeping others closed.

What are the social distancing guidelines for gyms?

Signs and floor tape should be used for effective social distancing.

What are the health guidelines for fitness centers and gyms?

Fitness equipment, office equipment and restaurant equipment must be disinfected frequently. The equipment must be wiped down with disinfectant every time it is used. Any area that is off limits should be noticeable with the right signage.

What other precautions should be taken?

Hand sanitizers and disinfectant must be easily accessible to patrons going in and out of the building. The same thing is true for restaurant owners and other business owners.

What is the general distance to apply?

A building must apply the 6 to 12 feet social distancing and so, there cannot be more than 50 people in a building at a time; depending on the size of the building.

What businesses have opened and the guidelines?

Gyms, hair salons, massage parlors, hotels, aquariums, art gallery, auto dealers, barber shops, places of worship, museums, restaurants with indoor dining and other service businesses have been opened since September 2020, but with limited capacity and strict guidelines of masks and regular disinfectant cleaning.

Which businesses are deemed essential during COVID?

Essential businesses during COVID-10 include cell phone repair shops, appliance stores, auto repair shops, banks, credit unions, bicycle repair shop, dry cleaners, electrician, food bank, gas station, grocery stores, home care for seniors, pets and children, hospitals and urgent care, shipping services, rental car and real estate services; just to name a few.

Are large gatherings allowed?

Large gatherings are not allowed in any business. The same 6 to 12 feet distancing is mandatory.

What about facial masks in gyms?

All patrons are expected to wear masks at all time, except while they are hydrating. Heavy exhaustion is not recommended and eating is not allowed.

How can a commercial cleaning service help?

During COVID-19, it is best to follow the guidelines put forth so that you can keep yourself and your customers safe. In addition, you should hire a commercial cleaning service to regularly disinfect the entire building as added precaution.

If you operate a gym, it is important to let your patrons be confident about entering the building and feeling safe. Enviro-Master Services provides intense cleaning with an electrostatic disinfection service, approved by the EPA to ensure that every crevice and corner is void of any virus, bacteria or infectious diseases. During the pandemic, you need a company like Enviro-Master Services to make sure that your entire building is safe and healthy from germs and bacteria. Contact our health and safety technicians to learn more about our COVID cleaning services.




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