COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – Savannah, Georgia

COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Savannah, GA

As the world starts to return to some semblance of normal and more and more businesses start to reopen, it is helpful to know what some of the pertinent guidelines are and what to expect when you make a return to the gym. Gyms are a wonderful thing, they help us feel better, get active and they are great for making us just feel good. With gyms reopening it is always a good idea to look at the guidelines and determine what we should do when we do get back to the gym.

Georgia Gym Reopening Guidelines

The first rule for all facilities upon reopening is that adequate signage must be placed at the entrance of the facility as well as through the facility about the symptoms, ways that COVID spreads, and proper safety guidelines. Patrons should be screened prior to entering the facility and if they are showing signs of illness, they should be turned away or asked to go home. Hand sanitizer should be easy to access and touchless check in and check out should be utilized whenever possible.

Workers should patrol the facility and wipe down equipment and enforce social distancing when possible. Every other cardio machine should be marked as closed to help keep social distancing and people should not be allowed to congregate during workout sessions. Group classes should also be suspended and child care services should also be suspended for the time being.

Locker room use should be limited and showers should also be limited in use. Basketball courts and other group sports areas are to be closed as are hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and tanning beds. Patrons should spray the showers with provided cleaning spray after each use and staff should make an effort to clean the showers after every use as well. Workers should clean and sanitize bathrooms and any communal areas often to make certain that they are clean and sanitized.

Do You Need A Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning services are a great idea, especially during these times when keeping your facility clean is so important. It is crucial that we take the time to clean and to sanitize so that we can help to halt the spread of the virus so that we can get back to life as normally as possible. At Enviro-Master we offer a range of commercial cleaning services to help you get your gym or fitness facility up to the standards set by your local government.

We offer Virus Vaporizing electrostatic spraying treatments, bathroom cleaning services and more so that you can get the best overall clean that your facility needs. We can help you to make sure your facility is clean and safe and we can help you get reopened and ready to welcome patrons back into the facility. We can also help you to get the right individual service for your facility to help get you back and ready for operation.

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