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4 Tips to Declutter Your Office: Stress-Free Guide

Getting work done efficiently and accurately can make or break a business, and a cluttered office can make or break productivity. A recent study found workers in messy or untidy spaces made more errors — meaning, the cleaner the space, the more accurate and efficient workers can be. Keeping an office tidy and clean can be a challenge, but with a few office cleaning tips, you can declutter office areas and create a more productive workspace.

Importance of Maintaining a Clutter-Free Office

Maintaining a clutter-free office is crucial. We’ve already mentioned it can increase productivity and accuracy within the workplace, but there are a host of other benefits decluttered offices can provide.

  • Improved Efficiency: A clean and well-organized office allows your workers to find important documents and supplies quickly. This saves time and enhances efficiency in completing tasks, leading to improved work performance.
  • Professional Image: An orderly and clean office portrays a professional image to clients, visitors, and employees alike. It conveys a sense of competence, attention to detail, and a well-managed business.
  • Reduced Stress: Research shows clutter increases stress, can foster unhealthy habits, and reduces productivity. When employees are stressed, they can lose at least an hour of productivity a day, have a higher chance of absenteeism, experience low morale, and more.
  • A Cleaner Environment: When things are picked up and tidy, it leaves room for the real cleaning to be done. Businesses can more easily have the desk, restrooms, meeting and group areas properly sanitized with a professional service to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses.

How to Declutter Office Areas

  1. The ‘Less is More’ Style

When it comes to decluttering any office, the first step is to reduce the physical amount of “stuff” in a space. Workers can adopt a minimalist mindset and evaluate each item in the workspace. Extra odds and ends or trinkets can take up space physically and mentally. Consider removing any unnecessary or redundant items that take up valuable space. Keep only the essentials that are regularly used to do work or have sentimental value. With the “less is more” approach, employees can have a higher sense of clarity and focus.

  1. Organize the Space

Organizing every part of an office space is crucial for maintaining a clutter-free environment. Employers should invest in storage solutions like cabinets, shelves, or desk organizers to keep important documents and business items organized.

Documents and items can also be organized digitally to reduce physical clutter in a space and allow for easier access across departments. Going paperless is environmentally friendly and an effective way to declutter a space. Creating a systematic organization system can minimize clutter and save time.

  1. Everything Has a Place

To prevent clutter from building up, an easy solution is to have a place for everything. The shared office coffee supplies should always be in the same place, printer paper kept in one spot in the closet, etc. Train yourself and your employees to follow the “place for everything” mindset. Returning items to their designated locations after use helps maintain order, efficiency and declutter office areas.

  1. Establish Cleaning Routines

Once you declutter office spaces, they can truly be clean. Maintaining a clean office is not a one-time task but an ongoing effort. In addition to a daily janitorial service, a professional cleaning and sanitizing company can help keep track of the restrooms and help prevent the spread of office germs. A sanitized office helps create a healthy work environment — not only mentally but practically as well. An electrostatic spraying service reduces the number of viruses and bacteria on high-touch surfaces. During flu and RSV seasons, this is especially important to keep workers healthy.

Keep Clean With Enviro-Master Services

Enviro-Master Services gets the job done when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing an office space. An organized space is important, and a clean space is critical. We specialize in keeping commercial properties sanitized by offering a host of solutions, including for office spaces.

Our services keep our employees and clients healthy by keeping your space clean! We have specially trained technicians who know the right products to keep your office space sanitized. Contact us today to have your office the cleanest it’s ever been.

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