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Warehouse Organization & Cleaning 101

There are a lot of different ingredients that go into running an effective warehouse operation. As a warehouse manager, figuring out how to improve operational efficiency is a vital responsibility. And just like any commercial operation, keeping a clean workspace is an important place to start. 

In this guide to warehouse management, we’ll cover helpful warehouse organization tips and warehouse organization ideas you can use to ensure maximum efficiency of your warehouse operations. If you are looking to improve your regular maintenance and inventory management routines, here are all the considerations and best practices you need to be aware of as well as how an experienced commercial cleaning service such as Enviro-Master Services is able to help!

The Benefits of a Clean and Organized Warehouse 

A well-organized warehouse can provide a lot of benefits to your business, your customers, and your warehouse employees. Improving workplace safety and helping prevent accidents is the first of these benefits. Slips, trips, and falls, are the most common type of workplace accident in the United States, and these accidents are made a lot more likely when your warehouse space is messy and cluttered. Keeping your warehouse clean and organized is therefore one of the best things you can do to help keep your warehouse workers safe. 

In the industrial industry, cleanliness is essential. A clean and organized warehouse can also boost productivity and workflow efficiency. From inventory management and inventory organization to the picking process to any number of other tasks that make up your warehouse’s daily operations, maintaining a clean and organized workspace will help your workers complete tasks more efficiently and avoid costly human error. 

Keeping your warehouse clean can also potentially boost customer satisfaction for your business since it helps prevent product damage and contamination. If you want to avoid having defective products leave your warehouse and end up in the hands of unhappy customers, keeping your warehouse clean and organized is a key part of the quality control process. 

Lastly, keeping a clean warehouse helps boost employee morale. No one wants to work in a floor space that is messy and cluttered, and your employees are sure to be a lot happier (and more productive) in a workspace that is sanitary, clean, and organized. 

Warehouse organization

Warehouse Organization

Whether you are operating a small warehouse or a warehouse the size of a city block, your warehouse design and how it is organized will have a big impact on its efficiency. Warehouse organization includes considerations regarding your warehouse layout as well as your inventory management and storage systems. Here is what you should know about each of these key warehouse organization considerations: 

Warehouse Layout 

Your warehouse layout should be designed in a way that is optimized for workflow efficiency. This means providing easy access to the areas where employees most commonly work and designing the layout of your warehouse in a way that minimizes the travel distance between workstations. You’ll also want to outfit your warehouse with proper labels and signage to alert employees of important safety considerations and ensure that they are able to easily navigate the warehouse. 

Creating maps of your warehouse can be helpful when it comes to optimizing its layout. Having a map of your warehouse will provide you with a big-picture view of your warehouse design and will make it easier to pinpoint areas where there is room for further layout optimization. 

Storage capacity is another key consideration when designing a warehouse layout. You’ll need storage space for your inventory, raw materials, and any other equipment/supplies that your warehouse stores. Be sure to position your storage areas in places that won’t be in the way while at the same time being relatively easy to access. 

Warehouse managers

Inventory Management 

Creating a warehouse management system for slotting, compartmentalizing, and classifying inventory is a vital part of optimizing warehouse operations. Conducting regular inventory audits is one effective practice for better managing the inventory in your warehouse. Using an inventory tracking system such as RFID or barcode technology is another powerful way to make your inventory management practices more reliable and efficient. 

Cleaning warehouse floor

Warehouse Cleanliness 

Once you’ve figured out the best possible layout and organization practices for your warehouse, making sure that you keep your warehouse clean and tidy is the next key concern. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a warehouse:   

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance 

The best thing you can do to keep your warehouse clean is to implement a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. This schedule can be broken down based on how often cleaning/maintenance tasks need to be completed, including sections for daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and yearly tasks (or whatever other frequency you decide is best for your warehouse). 

Why You Should Rely on Commercial Cleaners 

Keeping a large warehouse clean and organized is no simple undertaking. Once you start filling out your cleaning/maintenance schedule, you’ll probably realize that there are a lot of different time-consuming tasks that have to be completed on a regular basis. In most cases, warehouse employees don’t have the time to perform cleaning and maintenance responsibilities on top of their other duties – much less the right equipment or expertise. 

Thanks to their experience and high-quality equipment, commercial cleaners will be able to complete your warehouse cleaning/maintenance requirements much more efficiently than relying on your employees to complete these tasks. They’re also sure to do a much better and more thorough job, leaving you with a safe, clean, and sanitary workspace that you and your employees alike are certain to appreciate. 

Re-Fresh Power Washing

Overcoming Warehouse Management Challenges with Enviro-Master

Warehouses tend to be large spaces with a lot of different cleaning and maintenance requirements. This is why maintaining a clean and organized warehouse can often be a lot more difficult than it seems – especially if you are relying on your already-busy warehouse workers to complete cleaning/maintenance tasks. 

At Enviro-Master Services, we are experts at helping warehouse managers create and execute a cleaning/maintenance schedule that will keep their warehouses clean and tidy. Here is an overview of the high-quality commercial cleaning services we offer at Enviro-Master and how they can be used for warehouse cleaning and organization:

Warehouse floor cleaning infographic

Floor Maintenance 

Keeping a clean floor is one of the most important parts of warehouse cleaning. Given the sheer size of warehouse floors, it can also be one of the most time-consuming. At Enviro-Master, our pressure washing service utilizes an innovative pressure washer called “The Tank” to quickly blast away dirt, oil, and other buildup from warehouse floors. This powerful machine allows us to deep clean warehouse floors in a way that is effective and efficient. 

Along with industry-leading pressure washing services, Enviro-Master also offers a tile and grout deep cleaning service that is perfect for warehouses with tile floors or walls. By using commercial-grade extractors and low water pressure, we’re able to safely scrub tile surfaces and remove the hard-to-reach buildup in the grout lines between your tiles. 

Bathroom Cleaning 

Every warehouse has to include restrooms for its employees, and keeping these facilities clean is a uniquely challenging aspect of warehouse cleaning. With Enviro-Master’s restroom and hygiene service, you can keep your warehouse’s restrooms stocked, clean, and sanitary on a continual basis. 


In many warehouse settings, disinfecting and sanitization are key concerns. At Enviro-Master, we use an innovative electrostatic sprayer to quickly apply a hospital-grade disinfectant to all the surfaces in an area, helping warehouse managers keep their restrooms and any other areas where sanitation is a priority free of viruses and germs. 

Drain Treatment

Clogged drains can lead to a lot of issues, including unsavory smells, flooding, and a disruption to your warehouse operations. With Enviro-Master’s weekly foam drain line service, you can keep your drains clear of buildup at all times to avoid these issues. Best of all, we use an effective enzyme bio-active foam that is capable of dissolving buildup in drains without harming your pipes. 

Window Cleaning 

There’s no doubt that your employees appreciate the windows in your warehouse, and they appreciate them a lot more when they are kept clean. With Enviro-Master’s window cleaning service, you can keep your warehouse windows spotless while also helping protect them from damage thanks to our specialized bonding agent designed to preserve the glass’s integrity. 

Paper Management 

Enviro-Masters paper management program ensures that your warehouse’s restrooms and other facilities always have an adequate supply of paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues. This program also works to eliminate excess inventory and waste by helping you determine exactly the amount of paper products your warehouse needs on a regular basis. 

Hand Hygiene 

Along with helping your warehouse ensure that it always has a ready stock of paper products, Enviro-Master can help you keep hand hygiene products such as soaps and hand sanitizers stocked as well. If you would like to promote cleanliness and sanitation at your warehouse, providing your employees with a reliable supply of hand hygiene products via our hand hygiene program is a great option to consider. 

Why Choose Enviro-Master? 

At Enviro-Master, our trained and licensed technicians have deep experience handling warehouse cleaning plans. This experience combined with our cutting-edge equipment and high-quality commercial cleaning products enables us to help warehouse managers keep their warehouses clean and organized without any hassles or headaches! 

To learn more about how Enviro-Master can help you create and execute the ideal cleaning/maintenance schedule for your warehouse, feel free to contact us today! 

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