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Deep Cleaning Restrooms and Promoting Hand Hygiene During COVID-19

In honor or World Toilet Day on November 19th (yes, it is a thing), we’re focusing on restroom cleaning and hand hygiene, two of the most important elements during this pandemic. According to Live Science, during a normal hour of use, people bring an average of 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch on bathroom surfaces.

In today’s unprecedented times, it’s essential for businesses to reduce the risk of COVID-19 by keeping their public restrooms clean and sanitized and having a comprehensive hand hygiene program in place for their employees. It’s not enough to do a simple clean of sinks, toilets and floors when billions of germs, bacteria and viruses can still be living on and in your bathroom fixtures. Regular deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is the only way to rid all surfaces and touchpoints of dangerous pathogens and prevent the spread of diseases like Coronavirus. At Enviro-Master, we work with every type of industry and large and small businesses to ensure that your business, office or workplace is safe for customers and employees.

Deep Cleaning Restrooms

Our highly skilled, extensively trained technicians perform a deep clean of every fixture, surface and touchpoint in your restroom, from door handles and faucets to toilet and tile. We use our proprietary cleaning solutions to remove soils, uric scale, odors and bacteria. We then disinfect the entire restroom with our Virus Vaporizer service, an electrostatic sprayer that coats everything with an EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectant to kill viruses.

The electrostatic sprayer, when in use, emits a positive charge on the germicide to enable it to adhere better to the surface and remain there longer. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive and food safe while killing 99.999% of dangerous germs and bacteria.

Promoting Hand Hygiene

A hand hygiene program for customers and employees is essential to promoting health safety during COVID-19. Thoroughly washing hands for soap and warm water for 20-30 seconds can help prevent the spread of germs, along with keeping all touchpoints such as faucets and paper towel dispensers sanitized and disinfected.

Our Hand Hygiene Program can help keep your business safe each week. Our health and safety technicians will refill hand sanitizer and maintain your hand hygiene equipment to ensure it’s working properly. In addition, our Paper Management Program keeps your paper towel dispensers stocked and functioning to eliminate waste. Save time and money and protect your employees and customers with these services.

Calling in Commercial Cleaning Experts

By investing in a leading commercial cleaning company like Enviro-Master, you’re keeping your business operating smoothly and your customers and employees healthy and safe, particularly during this pandemic. Call us today to get a free quote on our services for the busy holiday period. We’ll take care of keeping your facilities clean, sanitized and disinfected so you can focus on growing your business.

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