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How Electrostatic Spraying Cleanses Your Workspace

Electrostatic spraying technology has been around since the 1940s. It was first patented in the United States by Harold Ransburg, who used it for painting in the manufacturing process. Fast-forward more than 70 years, and that same technology has now become a powerful tool in the disinfection process to protect the public from dangerous germs and bacteria, including the coronavirus.

The pandemic is shining a spotlight on the way business owners protect their customers, staff, and frankly, their investment. From essential facilities such as hospitals and fire stations to restaurants, gyms, and daycares — every business owner is paying close attention to the sanitization and disinfection of their business.

You’ve probably heard a lot recently about electrostatic spraying. As we just mentioned, it’s not new technology, but a lot of companies are new to the disinfection industry as they try to cash in on consumer demand for sanitization and disinfection during the pandemic. Enviro-Master Services has been using electrostatic spraying for a decade to protect businesses across the country. With all the media attention on electrostatic spraying, you may have questions about the technology. Here’s how it works.

The Science Behind Electrostatic Spraying Technology

The law of attraction is the basic principle behind the success of electrostatic spraying technology. Here’s how it works. All objects have a positive, negative, or neutral electrical charge. Similar charges repel each other (negative to negative or positive to positive). Opposite charges attract each other (positive to negative). Most surfaces are negative or neutral; both attract products with a positive charge.

The electrostatic spraying device forces a chemical through the nozzle of the spray gun, atomizing the liquid into a fine spray. At the same time, the device creates an electric field, which puts a positive charge on the chemical. This creates a force of attraction so strong, the spray is drawn to the intended surface, coating it completely. This wraparound process maximizes the surface space that’s coated. It also forces the chemical into small crevasses and other hard-to-reach areas where germs and bacteria can hide and multiply. As the surface is coated, any germs or bacteria on that surface are also coated and killed.

This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about the science behind electrostatic spraying, so here are some real-world examples of its uses. Electrostatic spraying is used by farmers to apply pesticides to crops. Using planes and large trucks equipped with electrostatic sprayers, they can quickly treat acres of crops, coating the top and bottom of foliage to protect the entire plant. In the automotive industry, polarizing paint spray covers a vehicle more evenly, makes a stronger bond, and creates a better-looking finish, even if the vehicle has many angles.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Electrostatic Disinfecting?

Electrostatic disinfecting combines electrostatic spraying with the right disinfecting chemicals. Any business with a restroom is a good candidate for electrostatic disinfecting. Think about all the places in a restroom that germs and bacteria can hide. Now consider this, when you flush a toilet, microscopic particles of water fly out of the toilet and into the air. They travel several feet in every direction and come to rest on every surface in the restroom.

Now think about all the places you touch when you use a public restroom. From the second you open the door to using the toilet and washing your hands, every surface you touch is contaminated with potentially dangerous pathogens. Some illnesses, like norovirus, can survive on hard surfaces for weeks and may be resistant to some common cleaning products. However, as we previously discussed, germs and bacteria can’t hide from electrostatic spraying.

Outside of restrooms, businesses with large indoor spaces can also benefit from electrostatic spraying. It’s a quick way to disinfect large areas at gyms, sports facilities, theaters, retail stores, schools, childcare facilities, and more.

Is It Safe for Restaurants?

In the hands of a trained technician, electrostatic spraying is a powerful tool to help restaurants stay safe from germs and bacteria. However, the chemical in the sprayer needs to be approved for use in kitchens and other food prep areas.

If you’re interested in hiring a company to perform electrostatic spraying services in your business, ask what kind of disinfecting products they use and whether they’re safe for use in kitchens, break rooms, and other areas where food is consumed.

The EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant and germicide used by Enviro-Master technicians is powerful enough to kill coronavirus, influenza, hepatitis, E. coli, and other dangerous pathogens in any business. It’s also non-toxic and food-safe, making it the right choice for all businesses, including the foodservice industry.

How Often Should Businesses Use Electrostatic Spraying?

Enviro-Master’s Virus Vaporizer™ electrostatic spraying service is a weekly service. Once the service is complete, the powerful germicidal barrier keeps killing germs and bacteria until the next treatment. Enviro-Master has been using the Virus Vaporizer for a decade and recently backed up that claim by teaming up with a researcher at the University of Arizona to test our products.

The study tested the effectiveness of our germicide products on various surfaces. Researchers found that between 96 and 99 percent of bacteria were eliminated after the treatment. And the residual effects of the substances kept the levels of bacterial low for five whole days. Between visits from our technician, your janitorial staff only needs to wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt.

Enviro-Master’s Technicians Are Trained to Protect Your Business

Electrostatic spraying is a cost-effective and time-saving process to protect the restrooms and other areas of your business. Instead of buying the equipment and disinfecting products yourself, let the trained technicians at Enviro-Master protect your business.

Our experienced technicians know where germs and bacteria are hiding and how to stop them before they hurt your business. Contact your local Enviro-Master franchise owner today for a free quote to service your business.

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