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Janitorial vs. Commercial Cleaning: Why It Matters

Janitor vs Cleaner


What is a Janitor?

Janitors are hired to perform small, daily cleaning duties in a variety of settings. Commercial janitorial services are provided frequently and throughout the facility. Individuals performing these duties are experienced personnel who know both the facility and how to use standard janitorial equipment to clean it.

It is vital for public spaces and business premises to have a janitor or janitorial team, not only keeping the facilities clean but also safe. Their everyday cleaning tasks can range from anything like emptying trash bins to cleaning floors to regular maintenance. If you’re looking for routine building cleaners to perform typical cleaning duties around your commercial space, a janitorial company might be the way to go.

You might have heard of a similar role being titled “custodian”. A custodian’s job duty can be similar to a janitor and is considered a combination of janitorial work with the addition of routine maintenance services and emergency repairs, acting more as a facility manager.

What is a Commercial Cleaner?

If your commercial building is looking for a deeper clean that puts more emphasis on disinfecting, a commercial cleaning company is where you’ll want to go. Investing in a cleaning company will help your business thrive, promoting a healthy environment that will keep your employees happy and customers coming back for more.

The professional cleaning services are scheduled periodically, ranging from a weekly basis to a yearly basis to anything in between. Commercial cleaning services focus intensively on specific needs and areas according to plan, by experienced personnel who are trained in specific processes and specialized equipment use. The target locations are the same as with janitorial services, but are delivered in focused ways, such as tile and grout deep cleaning services or COVID-19 cleaning services.

Key Differences: How Results are Measured

Besides task knowledge and frequency, the other difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning services is often the sanitary bottom line. A complete but quick sweeping, mopping, surface wiping, and trash removal is an essential maintenance effort measured by visual cleanliness. Complete deep cleaning and disinfecting is also required to ensure a sanitary, low-pathogen environment, especially in high-traffic areas. That’s where commercial cleaning products and services lay the foundation.

Where is Each Service Needed?

These services are actually needed in the same settings. Both janitorial and commercial cleaning tasks are essential to almost all commercial environments. Keeping your facilities visually and generally clean is an obvious necessity for any building with employees or customers. At the same time, maintaining a level of health is another vital part of high-traffic areas. Therefore, you will find these two services in a variety of commercial buildings including:

  • Office buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Churches
  • and much more!

Do I Need Janitorial Cleaning Services or Commercial Cleaning Services?

As a business owner or operator, you might be asking yourself, should I hire a janitor or a cleaner? The answer is you should hire both!

Janitors and professional cleaners can be found in a variety of settings and truly work best when they are paired together.

Combining Frequent Cleaning with Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Keeps Commercial Spaces Hygienic

Commercial facilities need both janitorial services and commercial cleaning to meet daily cleanliness standards, as well as deep cleaning and disinfection requirements. It’s important to have the right teams for both jobs.

Meeting Hygiene Standards with Commercial Cleaning

At the end of the day, businesses will work to keep their facilities visually clean and should put the same care into the disinfection. Creating healthy work environments with commercial cleaning is important to any business, which is why Enviro-Master Services exists.

Bathrooms, medical clinics, gyms, even schools and libraries require regular hygiene care. The typical process includes cleaning all surfaces and grout with safe but powerful detergents, electrostatically spraying disinfectant that will cling to surfaces and neutralize pathogens and providing a certified-clean space that the company can count on. It’s a more complex and focused service, but one that has a defined sanitary outcome. These days, that’s essential.

Commercial Cleaning Services Target Specific Goals

Enviro-Master, a nationwide commercial cleaning service with a wide selection of services focused on each type of facility being cleaned, offers these standard services:

Enviro-Master Services meets your commercial cleaning requirements through a variety of programs. The Paper Restocking and Hand Hygiene programs available as part of our Bathroom Cleaning Services. Our bathroom cleaning services focus on refreshing and disinfecting restrooms and can be done on a weekly basis. Dirt and grime in high-contact areas receive attention, with the Drain Cleaning Service including inspections of water flow into drains and the Tile & Grout Cleaning Services focused on keeping floors and walls clean.

Our Electrostatic Spraying Service addresses contaminants in the air and along surfaces by providing a cost-effective way to keep areas of your store in compliance with local inspection regulations and the best food-safe practices. Contact Enviro-Master Services today and we’ll get to work with you on a positive approach to creating a clean store that promotes higher morale, healthy employees, and a growing level of customer loyalty.

Once commercial bathroom cleaning and commercial disinfection services are complete, regular janitorial cleaning and general maintenance will provide a positive level of cleanliness and hygiene. Combined with an in-house janitorial staff, Enviro-Master’s processes provide a bottom line of clean that the janitorial services team can back up until the next cleaning cycle. Clients will know that your business is clean, professional and meets hygiene standards.

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