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Janitorial vs. Commercial Cleaning: Why It Matters

Combining Frequent Cleaning with Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Keeps Commercial Spaces Hygienic

Commercial facilities need both janitorial services and commercial cleaning to meet daily cleanliness standards, as well as deep cleaning and disinfection requirements. It’s important to have the right teams for both jobs. Here’s a simple way to distinguish between janitorial and commercial cleaning:

  • Janitorial services are provided frequently and throughout the facility, by experienced personnel who know both the facility and how to use standard janitorial equipment to clean it. This can vary from industrial plants to medical offices, libraries and schools to business offices.
  • Commercial cleaning services are provided periodically, focusing intensively on specific areas according to plan, by experienced personnel who are trained in specific processes and specialized equipment use. The target locations are the same as with janitorial services, but services are delivered in focused ways, such as tile and grout deep cleaning service or COVID-19 cleaning services.

The Difference is How Results are Measured

Besides task knowledge and frequency, the other difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning services is often the sanitary bottom line. A complete but quick sweeping, mopping, surface wiping, and trash removal is an essential maintenance effort measured by visual cleanliness. Complete deep cleaning and disinfecting is also required to ensure a sanitary, low-pathogen environment, especially in high-traffic areas. That’s where commercial cleaning lays the foundation.

Meeting Hygiene Standards

Bathrooms, medical clinics, gyms, even schools and libraries require regular hygiene care. The typical process includes cleaning all surfaces and grout with safe but powerful detergents, electrostatically spraying disinfectant that will cling to surfaces and neutralize pathogens and providing a certified-clean space that the company can count on. It’s a more complex and focused service, but one that has a defined sanitary outcome. These days, that’s essential.

Commercial Cleaning Services Target Specific Goals

Enviro-Master, a nationwide commercial cleaning service with a wide selection of services focused on each type of facility being cleaned, offers these standard services:

First, restroom cleaning and hygiene service with tile and grout deep cleaning, plus drain treatment service. Next, sanitizing and disinfecting with an electrostatic spraying service. This provides complete, long-lasting coverage, allowing enough time for the people-safe disinfecting agent to do its work. Since the frequency of towel and soap replacement usually aligns with deeper cleaning service timing, paper management programs and hand hygiene programs are natural parts of Enviro-Master’s commercial cleaning services.

Once commercial bathroom cleaning and commercial sanitation services are complete, regular janitorial cleaning will maintain a positive level of cleanliness and hygiene. Combined with an in-house janitorial staff, Enviro-Master’s processes provide a bottom line of clean that the janitorial services team can back up until the next cleaning cycle. Clients will know that your business is clean, professional and meets hygiene standards.


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