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Enviro-Master Services Terminology – Glossary of Health & Safety Part 2

Enviro-Master’s mission is to protect your brand and your business by offering the best solutions in commercial hygiene. To better understand our business, we want you to be comfortable with the common terminology used in the descriptions. Here is a list of terms related to services.

Porcelain / Porcelain Fixture – a ceramic material made by heating clay-type products to high temperatures to achieve a translucent or glassy quality.

Electrostatic – relating to electric charges or fields at rest, as opposed to electric currents. In simple terms, static electricity can be felt as a shock when pulling out clinging clothing from a dryer or attracting hair with a rubber balloon.

Food-Safe – means that the food-grade material is fit for its intended use and will not create a food-safety hazard. For example, a food-grade container may be fit to hold a dry ingredient, but is not food-safe with a hot liquid.

Non-Toxic – not poisonous or toxic. Non-toxic substances are generally safe to eat or breathe, and they don’t harm the environment.

Non-Corrosive – not having the power to corrode or eat away.

EPA Registered – a product should do what the label says and should not pose an unreasonable hazard to your health. A company must follow several steps to register a product with the EPA.

Hospital Grade / Hospital Grade Disinfectant – EPA-registered for use in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and other medical facilities. Must kill microorganisms found in healthcare including S. aureus, S. enterica, and P. aeruginosa.

Germicide / Germicidal Barrier – a substance or other agent that destroys harmful microorganisms; an antiseptic.

Fruit Flies / Drain Flies – small flies that are attracted to moist organic material found in garbage cans, garbage disposals, and the residues that coat sink drains.

Bio Block Technology – a slowly dissolving beneficial bacteria used for the digestion of organic waste in high-flow systems.


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