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Gym Towel Service: Is It Worth It For Cleanliness?

Fitness center owners know that what makes their business successful — a large number of members crowding cardio classes and waiting for their turn to use shared weights and exercise equipment — also makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. According to the CDC, treatment-resident MRSA spreads quickly in gyms, as does the flu and other viruses.

Even before the pandemic, proper gym etiquette included wiping down machines and free weights when you were done using them. Now, the spread of COVID-19 has gym owners and members even more concerned with cleanliness. Some fitness centers provide a gym towel service to make it easy for members to wipe the sweat off themselves and the machines. But gym owners would be wise to consider whether the cost of such a service is worth it in the long run.

The High Cost of Gym Towel Service

The first expense of a gym towel service is the cost of purchasing towels, probably more than you think you’ll need. You’ll lose some as members unintentionally take them home and then forget to bring them back. Others will get worn or stained and need to be thrown away. You also need to consider how you want to clean the towels. They will need to be washed daily. You can buy a commercial-grade washer and dryer and wash them in-house or send them out to a cleaning service.
While members may appreciate the convenience of a gym towel service, it may not make them more likely to wipe down the equipment. Even if they do, they may simply be transferring germs and bacteria from the towel to the equipment instead of cleaning it.

A Better Solution

Enviro-Master has been providing comprehensive commercial cleaning services to the gym industry for years. During that time, we’ve worked with scientists to develop and thoroughly test several new cleaning products that better sanitize and disinfect without harsh fumes.
Our specially-formulated Wellness Wipes target bacteria commonly found in fitness centers. We recommend placing them around your gym with signs encouraging members to use them to wipe down exercise equipment, weights, and mats after each use. The wipes can also be used to clean other high-touch surfaces including door handles, railings, and counters.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

Keeping your hands clean and free of the bacteria that normally live on them is the simplest thing a person can do to prevent the spread of disease. Since the pandemic, most of us have gotten better at remembering to wash our hands more frequently. But sometimes, like in the middle of a workout, it’s not convenient to run to the restroom and wash up. That’s why Enviro-Master can equip your fitness center with Hand Sanitization Stations that we refill regularly to encourage patrons and staff members to keep their hands clean.

Electrostatic Spraying

Enviro-Master also offers an electrostatic spraying service to deep clean large spaces or hard-to-reach areas. This method of cleaning involves adding a positive electric charge to a disinfectant in a sprayer. The positively charged particles released from the sprayer do a better job adhering to and removing dirt from walls, floors, and exercise equipment. The solution is EPA-registered, food-safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. It has been proven to be 99.999 percent effective in killing germs. Gyms can have their workout areas and their locker rooms completely disinfected without worrying about harsh chemicals. We also use electrostatic spraying to clean and sanitize another germ hot spot — the restrooms.

Show Members That You Care

A clean, well-kept facility shows members that the owner cares about their health. Even little things like making sure there’s always soap, paper towels, and toilet paper in the restrooms make a big impact. With Enviro-Master’s Paper Management Program you can be sure these supplies are always well-stocked.
Not only do our paper products, hand hygiene products, and dispensers help ensure a pleasant experience for your customers, but they also help you stay in accordance with strict health regulations while simultaneously minimizing the amount of paper waste and slowing the spread of communicable diseases.

Find Out More About Enviro-Master Today

Before you invest in a costly gym towel service, contact us to see how Enviro-Master can help you protect the health of your members and staff by keeping your gym sparkling clean.

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