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Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist

Hair salons provide a wide range of services that involve working with people’s hair, from shampooing and conditioning to trimming, styling, and coloring it. Spas and beauty salons can also feature a range of other services including nail care, waxing, makeup, and more.

Since these businesses involve a lot of close contact and constant traffic, it’s crucial that they have a hygienic environment. Without a sanitary salon, bacteria and other germs can easily spread. Salon sanitation is also important for get rid of the visible debris and dirt that is sure to drive customers away. These are all reasons why a salon cleaning schedule is created, and extra care is provided to these companies.

The following hair salon cleaning checklist can help these businesses provide a clean environment that protects employees and customers from pathogens.



Workstations where staff provide hair or nail services are arguably the places with the most potential to build up different types of debris. Keeping work areas disinfected and clean is important for the safety of your customers and will impact their overall view of your business. Regular cleaning of these areas should be performed after every client and deep cleaning of these areas should be on a scheduled basis. This helps ensure that these wellness businesses meet state regulations that are aimed at reducing the spread of illnesses. Workstations can end up with dirty tools, such as scissors, nail clippers, dirty towels, or surfaces covered in germs. A thorough salon cleaning checklist includes the following tasks for workstations:

  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Wipe down counters
  • Sanitize sinks, countertops, and chairs
  • Replace or deep clean any tools or pieces of equipment used on the client
  • Deep clean any wash or water areas
  • Stock up on any cleaning or preventive equipment needed like disposable gloves

Floors can end up with layers of grime, dirt, and germs from people walking around. In salons, floors in workstations are also covered in hair, which can make them slippery to walk on. Salon owners should make sure that floors are swept multiple times a day and mopped to remove germs and grime.

Counters in workstations can become covered in germs from staff or customers touching tools and other items, such as brushes, scissors, combs, and sprays. Wiping down counters with disinfectant cleaner should be done daily.

Germs can accumulate in sinks and on other surfaces, such as chairs and countertops, especially in a busy salon, nail spa, or foot spa. Shampoo bowls and foot spa basins are easily overlooked and should be thoroughly cleaned. Workstations are where most traffic and mess is made so having a detailed understanding of how these areas need to be cleaned is vital for the sake of your business.

Main Areas


The main areas in hair salons, nail salons, and spas tend to have heavy foot traffic as customers walk in and out, pay at the cash register, or sit and wait to be called when it’s their turn. Salon and spa owners should make sure that these main areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to reduce the spread of germs and lower the risk of slips and falls. A cleaning checklist for reception areas should include these tasks:

  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Vacuum rugs or carpets
  • Sanitize high-traffic areas and chairs
  • Clean windows and dust surfaces

Sweeping and mopping floors in main areas helps eliminate germs and other debris from people’s shoes as they walk around. This task also helps reduce the risk of falls.

Vacuuming rugs or carpets removes hair, nail clippings, germs, and other debris that can accumulate on these textured surfaces. Doing this helps prevent the spread of germs.

Sanitizing high-traffic areas, such as seats in waiting areas, cash registers at the front desk, and doorknobs eliminates bacteria and other germs that can build up.

Windows can become grimy, which can have a negative impact on spas and salons, which can keep customers away. Cleaning windows helps ensure that customers have a good impression of these businesses. Dusting surfaces also helps make a favorable impression on customers.



Bathrooms in spas and salons should be kept in a sanitary condition to lower the spread of germs among employees and customers. No one appreciates a dirty bathroom; this includes your customers. Bacteria and other germs can accumulate on sinks, toilets, and other bathroom surfaces. Hand sanitizer and soap supplies, as well as paper products, can also run out if they’re not maintained regularly. Salon and spa owners should include the following tasks on a cleaning checklist:

  • Restock paper supplies
  • Restock soap supplies
  • Deep clean and disinfect toilets and sink

Restocking paper supplies on a regular basis helps ensure that paper towels and toilet paper are always available for employees and customers who use the restrooms. Paper towel dispensers should also be maintained to ensure that they function properly. Replace any rags with clean towels to ensure your customers always have access to clean supplies.

Restocking soap supplies and hand sanitizer dispensers are important since it helps encourage people to wash their hands after using the restroom. This can go a long way toward cutting down on the spread of germs in wellness businesses. Soap and sanitizer supplies should be kept well-stocked on a regular basis.

Uric acid and other pathogens and grime can build up on restroom sinks, as well as on toilets, walls, and other surfaces. Salons and spas should have a deep cleaning done to thoroughly remove these germs from restroom surfaces, so that staff and customers won’t be at risk of getting sick or spreading illnesses.



Keeping hair salons, nail salons, and spas clean isn’t just about making sure areas that customers use are sanitary. Employee breakrooms should also be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis. Germs and debris can build up in breakrooms, as well as in storage areas where supplies are kept. Spa and salon owners should take steps to make sure that these areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly to help lower the spread of illness. A spa or salon cleaning checklist for breakrooms should have the following tasks:

  • Wash, sweep, or vacuum floors
  • Disinfect surfaces
  • Maintain a clean and organized storage area
  • Disinfect towels or capes

Washing, sweeping, and vacuuming floors in breakrooms remove crumbs and other debris, as well as germs. This helps prevent illness while also reducing the risk of attracting pests.

Disinfecting surfaces in breakrooms, such as tables, counters, and chairs, helps eliminate bacteria and other germs that can accumulate. This helps protect staff from illnesses

Keeping storage areas clean and organized can help prevent germs from building up on tools and other supplies in spas and salons. Having clean tools and other supplies is essential for these types of businesses.

Disinfecting towels and capes helps ensure that customers have clean ones to use. Dirty towels and capes make it easier for germs to spread among employees and customers.

How to Clean a Hair Salon


For hair salons, nail salons, and spa owners, keeping their business clean can be a challenge. The following steps can help these owners maintain a sanitary environment for staff and customers.

1. Create a Plan

Having a plan in place, including a cleaning checklist, helps ensure that all tasks are handled. With a plan, wellness business owners can make sure all areas are cleaned and disinfected, from workstations to breakrooms.

2. Stock up on Supplies

Keeping cleaning supplies on hand is important, so that salon or spa surfaces and other areas can be disinfected on a regular basis. This includes cleaning products, as well as equipment and other tools needed for cleaning.

3. Train Employees

Employees should know how to thoroughly clean and disinfect workstations, main areas, bathrooms, and breakrooms regularly. This is an important part of stopping the spread of germs in hair salons, nail salons, and spas.

4. Set a Regular Schedule

Instead of waiting until grime is visible, salon and spa owners should have a routine schedule for cleaning their business. Cleaning on a regular schedule helps prevent bacteria and other germs, as well as debris and grime, from building up over time.

5. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Rather than having staff handle cleaning, salon and spa owners can leave these tasks to the professionals. Enviro-Master Services has health and safety technicians available to provide salons and spas with commercial cleaning services.

Use Enviro-Master Commercial Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master Services offers reliable cleaning services for salons and spas. Our health and safety technicians understand how important it is to keep wellness businesses as clean as possible due to all of the close contact that takes place. Deep cleaning and scheduled service will help your business keep consistently clean and enjoyable environments. We have effective techniques and products available for thoroughly disinfecting spas and salons. Our spa and salon cleaning services include the following:

  • Tile and grout: This service removes dirt and grime from salon and spa restroom tile and grout surfaces.
  • Restroom and hygiene: Our bathroom cleaning eliminates germs and debris. Invest in a scheduled deep clean that is sure to make your bathroom sparkle, reducing illness and overall workplace conditions.
  • Drain treatment: Drain treatment services keep drains in salons and spas free of debris, so they’re less likely to clog or have bad odors.
  • Electrostatic spraying: Electrostatic spraying creates a positive charge that leaves cleaning surfaces in place to clean all those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Paper management: Paper management services ensure that toilet paper and paper towels are regularly stocked in a hair salon, nail salon, and spa restrooms.
  • Hand hygiene: Hand hygiene services include maintaining and refilling dispensers for hand sanitizer and soaps, making it easier for staff and customers to keep their hands clean.

Contact Enviro-Master Today

If your wellness business needs cleaning services, please contact Enviro-Master Services today. We can get you set up with a cleaning schedule that keeps your hair salon, nail salon, or spa in good condition on a regular basis, resulting in healthy and happy customers and employees. Whether you’re interested in routine salon cleaning or need deep cleaning, our cleaning technicians can help you determine the right services for your wellness business.

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