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Unclean Bathroom Diseases: Types & Preventative Actions

Even before COVID-19 made us hyper-aware of the cleanliness of our surroundings, most people were concerned about the risk of germs and bacteria lurking in public restrooms. And rightly so. Even restrooms that appear spotless may be harboring dangerous germs and bacteria.

This is especially concerning for business owners. Are your restrooms really as clean as you think, or are you putting the health of your employees and customers at risk?

Common Unclean Bathroom Diseases

The germs and bacteria that cause E. coli, Salmonella, noroviruses, hepatitis A, MRSA, influenza, and even the common cold can all be found in public restrooms. People who are infected with some of these diseases may suffer severe gastrointestinal distress, fever, and fatigue. Others may cause throat and skin conditions. Sometimes the symptoms can last up to a week. In rare instances, some of these diseases can be fatal. Even in minor cases, sufferers will be sick enough to miss work.

How Bathroom Germs and Bacteria Spread

The common perception is that most bathroom germs and bacteria are found on the toilet seat. Actually, bacteria levels are much higher on the floor and high-touch surfaces, including the sink and faucet handles, hand dryers, light switches, and doorknobs.

An ABC News investigation found that public restroom floors have about two million bacteria per inch. So, even if you never touch anything, germs transfer to the bottom of your shoes, and you bring them with you when you return home. If you or a family member walk around barefoot later, you risk exposure to those germs. Women’s purses can also carry germs if they’ve been set on the restroom floor or on the counter near the sink.

People who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom also spread germs. Perhaps they think they are protecting themselves by not touching the faucet or the soap dispenser. And actually, unclean bathroom diseases can be spread through the air by hand dryers. While you dry your hands, the air may also be blowing around particles from the garbage or airborne germs and bacteria.

The Best Way to Make Sure Your Restrooms Are as Clean as Possible

We’ve all been in public restrooms with posted hourly cleaning schedules. Sometimes they are up to date, indicating an employee is regularly checking to make sure the restroom is clean. A lot of times, they’re not. Business owners need to realize that simply assigning employees to keep the restrooms clean is not enough. These additional responsibilities take away from the jobs they’ve been hired to do. They may be resentful of having to perform this additional task that’s not in their job description. And most of all, while the restroom may be surface clean, it won’t be as clean as it would be if a professional did the job.

Turn to the Professionals at Enviro-Master

Enviro-Master Technicians are trained in the best ways to disinfect and sanitize restrooms. Our weekly restroom cleaning service includes spraying a hospital-grade germicide to fight bathroom germs and bacteria. Technicians use an electrostatic sprayer to apply the chemicals, giving them a positive charge which allows them to better adhere to surfaces. Our proprietary products have been scientifically proven to be extremely effective at reducing the level of dangerous bacteria present in the restroom facilities that we treat. And there’s no need for you to buy large quantities of costly cleaning supplies; we provide everything we need to do the job properly.

We also offer a paper management program. When our Certified Health and Safety Technicians perform your weekly restroom service, they can also make sure your toilet paper and paper towels are fully stocked and that the dispensers are working properly. We have a large selection of dispensers designed to reduce excess product usage and waste. This not only saves you money but also helps to prevent unsightly piles of wasted paper towels or toilet paper on the restroom floor.

Contact Us Today

Contact Enviro-Master, and we’ll set up an appointment for an onsite consultation with one of our hygiene experts. After touring your business, we’ll show you we can eliminate the germs and bacteria that cause unclean bathroom diseases, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

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