COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

We are all eager to get back to normal and we all love the relaxation and the bit of fun that we get when we go out to eat. While it has been a long time since restaurants were open with no restrictions, many  are open now and we are able to dine in, in some states and some restaurants, so long as these establishments follow the guidelines that were set by their local government.

Pennsylvania Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

It is important to note that for a very long time most restaurants were required to serve carry out and drive thru food only to protect both employees and patrons. Restaurants are required to followed the guidelines for their individual jurisdiction in terms of exposure. All customers must wear a mask while they are entering the facility and must wear it when they are exiting or walking around the facility at all.

All employees must wear masks while in the restaurant and while they are close to patrons. There should be at least six feet of space between seats and tables to ensure that patrons are able to stay away from one another. Maximum occupancy for the indoor and outdoor areas should be limited to 50% of stated fire code occupancy if they do take the time to self-certify and report their occupancy. If they do not they are only able to have a 25% occupancy.

Shared tables are not to be used for multiple parties unless the space between the parties is at least 6 feet if not more. Physical markings like tape on the floor should be used to help mark where patrons are meant to stand when they are not eating or at their seat.  Employees should be staggered so that they are not standing around with one another. Equipment should not be shared and should be sanitized often. There should not be more than ten people at a table unless they all come from the same household and the restaurant should be cleaned and sanitized often.

Paper or disposable menus should be used when possible and they should not use normal menus. Touchless doors should be used when possible and there should be barriers placed between the patrons and the cash register. Separate doors should be used to enter and exit the building. There should also be closure periods where the entire facility can be cleaned from top to bottom.

Commercial Cleaning Service Can Help

When dealing with a restaurant that is high traffic and that does have a number of people coming and going, it is always helpful to have a cleaning service or a cleaning company help you to get your facility up to standards. Professional cleaning services like those offered by Enviro-Master is a great way to get your facility clean, to get it taken care of quickly, and to make certain that your patrons are safe and secure when they do come to dine in your facility.

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