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Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist for COVID-19

There’s no doubt the tourism industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many businesses, hotels are still recovering from the economic losses and are anxious to welcome travelers back. Hotel owners and management are doing everything they can, from deals and freebies to new COVID cleaning protocols to make travelers feel safe.

The pandemic has changed cleaning standards and what visitors have come to expect when they stay at your hotel. Is your housekeeping team doing everything possible to assure guests of a sanitary and disinfected hotel room? Here’s a hotel room cleaning checklist from the pros at Enviro-Master Services.

Visual Inspection

Standard room cleaning practices have always focused on what your guests will see when they enter the hotel room. Your teams are experts at providing freshly made beds, crisp white sheets and towels, spotless bathrooms, and clean floors. 

When a guest walks into one of your hotel rooms, this visual confirmation automatically puts them at ease and sets the tone for a pleasant stay. So, your hotel room cleaning checklist should absolutely continue to include these cleaning efforts. However, travelers are now looking for additional cleaning efforts to make them feel protected against getting sick from a previous guest. 

Cleaning Products Effective Against COVID-19

What kinds of cleaning products do your housekeeping crews use to clean and disinfect hotel rooms? While you don’t want to use harsh chemicals that may cause an allergic or another kind of medical reaction, you do want to use products proven to kill COVID-19.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) List N identifies products that are expected to kill all strains of the coronavirus when used according to label directions. Check the products you’re currently using against this list. If they’re not on the list, consider investing in new products or contact the local health and hygiene experts at Enviro-Master Services for assistance.

In addition to understanding which products are best to kill COVID-19 and dozens of other types of germs and bacteria, your local Enviro-Master owner will also be aware of local safety guidelines and policies that govern which types of products you can use in your business. They can make sure you’re complying with local regulations and also provide you with professional-grade cleaners for every surface on your hotel room cleaning checklist.  

Signs of Sanitization

Once you’re sure the products you’re using will protect your guest from germs and viruses, let hotel visitors know you’re taking their health and safety seriously. You can place a small sign or notecard in each hotel room after it’s been cleaned and disinfected that explains to guests the extra steps you’re taking to protect them from COVID-19 as well as other common illnesses. 

The card can also give guests the option to opt out of daily housekeeping services. Many hotels have found that guests prefer to be the only ones entering their rooms during their stay. Leave housekeeping’s phone number on the card so guests who choose to forgo daily cleaning can request extra towels or toiletries if needed.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Has your hotel installed hand sanitizer stations near elevators, stairways, and in the lobby? Make sure your hotel room cleaning checklist includes refilling those stations regularly. Guests appreciate the opportunity to sanitize their hands before re-entering their rooms throughout their stay. 

Enviro-Master Protects Hotels

While your housekeeping crews are taking care of individual guest rooms, let the pros at Enviro-Master Services handle the larger jobs in a shorter amount of time. We work with many hotels to clean and disinfect lobbies, public restrooms, hotel kitchens, coffee shops, bars, and guest dining areas. Our electrostatic spraying service is the perfect tool too rapidly and safely disinfect large areas to protect your customers and staff. 

Complete the form below, and your local Enviro-Master owner will get in touch right away to discuss how we can help your hotel stay protected from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

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