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How to Keep Your Car Dealership Disinfected

Changing Gears to Sell Cars in Person with COVID-19 Awareness

In the automotive sales business, handshakes, showmanship, the ability to sell person-to-person is still a valuable part of dealership operations. Not everyone wants to receive a car from a vending machine. As the conversation and sales relationship come back into the picture, and sales drops of 35 percent and more bounce back, are you ready to earn customers’ trust? At Enviro-Master Services, our targeted COVID-19 cleaning service and other offerings can make the difference.

A Quick Hygiene Checklist for Automotive Dealerships

Key high-touch areas to consider in your business include:

  • Restrooms for public, staff, and service department
  • Information kiosks with keypads and touchscreens, including sides, and surrounding front surfaces
  • Furniture surfaces
  • Door touch areas at all heights, entry and exit
  • Light switches and alarm panels
  • Computer keyboards, mice, power buttons
  • Printer controls and surfaces
  • Desk surfaces, from sales and customer sides, vertical as well as top
  • Key cabinet surfaces
  • Parts department sliding window handles and counter space for customers and technicians

Enviro-Master Services Core Offerings Include Thorough, Long-Lasting Cleaning and Disinfection

Our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service adds sparkle as it removes contamination. Our long-lasting electrostatic spraying service, complete coverage with products that have been laboratory tested to last nearly a week, reduces viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. We help break the cycle of transmission through your surfaces.

Covering Your Customer Safety and First Impressions

Putting your customers at ease is important in building the sales relationship. When they know the expert touch of Enviro-Master Services is protecting them, that helps significantly. Where once the “come in and let’s talk cars” message was carried by complimentary beverages, snacks, and a comfortable place to relax, now trust and relationships are built by a new level of cleanliness.

Nothing puts potential buyers and owners at ease like knowing your dealership is receiving regular protective treatments. Enviro-Master Services offers a full range of tested and recognized cleaning and disinfecting services, including our specialized COVID-19 cleaning service.

Your Valuable Team Needs Pathogen Protection

For your shop crew as well as management and sales, having your break rooms, restrooms, and work spaces thoroughly protected helps keep everyone on the job and your operation running smoothly.

Complete Coverage Addresses the Risks, Not Just the Concerns

There’s a big difference between staff with a spray bottle and hand sanitizer and a complete commercial cleaning and disinfecting service. Instead of addressing the areas people worry about, we expand our coverage to the areas that science has told us need protection. They’re not always obvious, but our commercial restroom cleaning service includes excellent examples.

Our complete restroom cleaning, followed by long-lasting electrostatic spraying service coverage, cover high-touch and lower touch restroom surfaces with treatments shown to reduce pathogens up to a week. Our commercial drain treatment helps neutralize pathogens developing in your drains to avoid splash back. Tile and grout deep cleaning service protects and sets a cleanliness standard.

Your Partner in Keeping Your Dealership Attractive to Concerned Customers

Enviro-Master Services has been helping to protect employees and the public for decades. Our clients include challenging spaces such as medical clinics, gyms, schools, and restaurants. We tailor our commercial cleaning and disinfecting service to each type of business we serve, using our experience and extensive knowledge to cover unexpected pathogen risks.

Our goal is help you make your dealership a safe, comfortable, and welcoming space for your customers, sales staff, and all your team. Give us a call and make your workplace shine with hygiene and cleanliness today.

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