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How a Commercial Cleaning Company Saves You Time and Resources

Organizing Cleanliness So It’s Not an Afterthought Saves Management and Team Time

As a facilities manager, restaurateur, retailer, or administrator, you probably find managing commercial cleaning and restrooms isn’t in your wheelhouse. Your time and effort are better spent focusing on a broader scope of operations, areas that directly affect your bottom line. It’s why so many companies turn to a commercial cleaning and disinfecting service like Enviro-Master Services. Using an expert team instead of portions of employee hours saves management time in keeping up with the details and keeps your team from multi-tasking away from their primary purpose.

Keeping Your Commercial Environment to Industrial Standards Requires Knowledge and Skill

It takes time to keep up with the standards that health departments and other inspectors expect of your firm. Time to perform the required tasks thoroughly and consistently, but also time to stay on top of current standards and how you meet them. Consider these questions:

  • What chemicals do you use, even cleaning products? How do you label them and post OSHA notices?
  • Do you have the required notebook with detailed information on the chemicals?
  • What PPE (personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves) are required when using them?

Even simple, critical matters like keeping your restrooms stocked with hygiene supplies takes logistics.

Professional Cleaning is Serious Business

A commercial cleaning and disinfecting service gets the job done efficiently and effectively because they’ve been trained and equipped to do it that way. Specialized methods like an electrostatic spraying service provide comprehensive coverage with materials that perform another layer of cleaning as they cling to the surface. Periodic routines like tile and grout deep cleaning and commercial drain treatment keep your facility ahead of your sanitation goals, and they can be performed at a convenient off-hours time without using employee overtime. The same goes for commercial restroom cleaning service and COVID-19 cleaning service, essential in this hygiene-sensitive time. Best of all, careful selection of safe cleaning products and effective use of them by trained professionals gets the job done without harm to people or the environment.

Informed Supervision and Employee Training Take Time From Your Team

Having a packaged commercial cleaning and disinfecting service focuses and simplifies your management tasks. The cleaning staff arrives trained, equipped, and purposeful, dedicated to an efficient, thorough job meeting required standards. Their supervision is also well trained, knowledgeable about government requirements and sanitation standards, allowing you to step back from supervising cleaning as well. All you need to do is specify a commercial restroom cleaning service, and this publicly visible space will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, restocked with supplies, and inviting to your visitors. Without the frequent updates and new employee training for this and other cleaning tasks, you recapture a large chunk of everyone’s time each week.

Staffing to Meet Cleaning Time Requirements Adds More Stress These Days

Even on your busiest days, cleaning must be done. That can be a real burden when it’s already difficult to hire enough staff. Using Enviro-Master Services for your commercial cleaning and disinfecting service needs and targeted hygiene management keeps cleaning on target. You can keep yourself and your employees focused on the work you do best. Contact us today and we’ll do our best for you.

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