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How to Clean a Dumpster the Most Effective and Safe Way

two dumpsters against a wall

The cleanliness and appeal of a business aren’t just about the interiors. Often, overlooked spaces, like the area around dumpsters, play a significant role in a business’s image and health standards. A clean business inside and out shows customers the dedication you have to your craft and customer satisfaction. For business owners and managers, knowing how to clean a dumpster isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a comprehensive clean environment.

Why A Business’s Dumpster Needs to be Cleaned

It might seem like an afterthought, but have you ever seen a dumpster and immediately felt icky? How would you feel if customers and employees felt that way about any part of your business space? The dumpsters may seem like the last thing you need to worry about, but they can be an important part of the overall message you send to the community.

Neglected dumpsters can lead to:

  • Foul odors that can deter customers and make the workspace unpleasant. There just is not enough spray to cover the smell of a dirty dumpster.
  • Health risks can arise with the attraction of pests and rodents. Rats, mice, and other vermin thrive in garbage, where there is a constant supply of food. Rats and mice carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Rodents are known to carry hantavirus, monkeypox, Lassa fever, and more, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Accumulation of bacteria and germs can pose a safety hazard to employees. Bacteria thrive in an environment like a dumpster with decomposing materials. Unclean dumpsters can house bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, and more. These bacteria can cause diarrhea and fevers and can even be life-threatening if they get into the bloodstream.
  • A dirty appearance that can damage any business’s reputation. No one wants to see an unsightly dumpster on a company’s property, much less smell it. If customers feel your business is unclean in any way, it may deter them from returning.

What Needs Regular Cleaning in a Dumpster? 

Every part of a dumpster can benefit from regular cleaning. However, the interior, where trash resides and often decomposes, requires the most attention. The lids and exterior, especially handles, also need cleaning as they come into regular contact with hands and waste. The exterior is also what customers and clients will see most, so keeping appearances tidy is crucial.

Methods for Cleaning a Dumpster

While there are multiple ways to clean a dumpster, some may prove more beneficial than other. Here are a few ways to get a dumpster looking better:

  1. Manual Scrubbing: Otherwise known as elbow grease, this tactic uses brushes, cleaning agents, and classic manpower. However, it’s labor-intensive and may not always give the desired results. It’s a dirty job, and this is probably the hardest way to clean it.
  2. Chemical Cleaning: Using specific chemicals can help, but it may not be environmentally friendly and might not address all issues, such as stubborn grease and grime.
  3. Power Washing: Dumpster pressure washing, or dumpster power washing, is the most effective method. It not only cleans but also sanitizes the area, making it safe. This method is less labor-intensive and provides sparkling results. Power washing utilizes hot water at sanitization levels and pushes it through a pressured hose. The heat sanitizes and helps melt away bacteria and germs, while the high pressure whisks any dirt and grime. A commercial power washing service will do the dirty work for you, leaving you with a cleaner business than before.

Why Pressure Washing Stands Out

Understanding how to clean a dumpster effectively will yield just one result: pressure washing. Here are just three reasons dumpster power washing is a great choice:

  1. The high-pressure water can reach nooks and crannies, ensuring thorough cleaning. Scrubs and bristles may miss the dirty corners.
  2. The heated treatment in pressure washing also sanitizes. Not only are surface-level dirt and grime removed, but the high temperature kills bacteria and germs.
  3. With advancements like water reclamation processes, modern pressure washing is designed to minimize water waste, making it environmentally responsible. Plus, without the use of harsh chemicals, it’s a kinder way to clean.

Power washing

Enviro-Master Services Takes the Pressure Off

A clean dumpster area is more than just a cleanliness standard; it’s a reflection of a business’s commitment to health, safety, and environmental responsibility. Enviro-Master Services is ready to help your business take care of the hard stuff, so your focus can be where it should be — running your business.

Enviro-Master’s Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Services is the answer to your dumpster dilemma. Our service goes deep to ensure dumpsters are sanitized and safe — leaving your business reputation intact and germs by the wayside. Our power washing service is so powerful that we call it “The Tank.”

From dumpsters to floors and concrete, “The Tank” cleans a wide range of hard surfaces. Ensuring maximum impact with the least harm, our water reclamation helps reduce water waste while turning up the shine. In fact, we reclaim 90% of the water used.

For inside-and-out cleaning and sanitizing, Enviro-Master Services is the way to go. Get started today! Submit a contact form or call us at 1-833-GERMPRO (1-833-437-6776).

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