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Keep Your Gym Restroom Clean for 2017

2017 is here and there are tons of ” new year, new me” members waiting to join the gym! And you know what that means–a large influx of customers.

It happens every year; fitness is a very popular resolution that encourages a lot of people to attend fitness centers. With so many new customers, it’s important for your restroom to stay as clean and as sanitized as possible. Read on to find out why.

Unique Cleanliness Challenges

Gyms and athletic facilities require restroom cleaning services in a way that other public areas do not. The most important thing to note is that people are constantly sweating in gyms, and spreading that sweat over publically used equipment. Germs are spread incredibly easily, even with proper precautions. This means your restroom has to be extra clean in order to accommodate such an incredible amount of germs. More customers mean more germs. And, it means more customers heading to the restroom to freshen up. What’s the point if your restroom isn’t clean and smelling great?

The Importance of a Professional

Sure, you can wipe down sinks and scrub the toilets all you want. But the truth is, without professional cleaning and sanitization tools, you can’t possibly keep your gym’s restroom as healthy as possible. Enviro-Master uses our Sani-Service to kill germs, and we prevent them from returning for up to 7-9 days. We are GERM BUSTERS!

Our Sani-Guard, which is a germicidal fog, completely disinfects your restroom touch surfaces so you can open your gym doors for the new year in confidence. If you really want your restroom to be ready for your new customers, you’re going to want to invest in a professional sanitization service. Let us help you grow your membership!

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