Local COVID-19 Guidelines in Trenton, New Jersey

There are many questions about the COVID-19 rules in New Jersey. While Governor Murphy’s plan consists of three stages, the rules are regularly being updated to protect citizens from catching the virus. The following is a list of some of the most asked questions.

Q: What is Trenton, New Jersey’s reopening plan?

A: Trenton is following the State of New Jersey’s reopening plan which consists of three stages. The first stage relaxes restrictions on low-risk activities that are easy to safeguard. The second phase restarts moderate-risk activities. The third phase restarts higher-contact activities with significant safeguarding. The final part of this process is the new norm which lists the widespread use of a vaccine.

Q: Is it mandatory to wear a mask in Trenton, New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: The general rule is to wear a mask, inside or outside, when social distancing is difficult to maintain. This means if you are at a park at night walking the dog and nobody is around then a face covering is not required. However, if you are at the same park in the day with others near you then covering your face is mandatory.

Q: Are restaurants open in Trenton, New Jersey?

A: Indoor dining has resumed and outdoor dining continues in Trenton, New Jersey with heavy restrictions. Face coverings are required inside and outside when not seated at a table. The current bar and restaurant capacity is 25% for indoor dining accompanied by social distancing restrictions. Patrons must be separated by a barrier or tables must be spaced at least six-feet apart.

Q: Are gyms open in Trenton, New Jersey?

A: Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs have all reopened at 25% capacity with increased sanitization protocols, a contactless check-in system, and spaced-out equipment. Also, many gyms are requiring temperature checks before entering the facility. Furthermore, masks are required during workouts at gyms, studios, or fitness clubs and can only be pulled down to take a sip of water.

Q: What businesses and services are open in Trenton, New Jersey?

A: Most businesses and services are open in Trenton, New Jersey with a few exceptions. Movie theaters remain closed because of the proximity of visitors in a small space. Indoor and outdoor sporting venues remain closed including those for professional sports. While bars and restaurants are open with restrictions, the government recommends delivery or curbside pickup.

Q: What does Trenton, New Jersey define as “essential business” during COVID

A: The State of New Jersey defines an “essential business” as first responders, telecommunications and information technology companies, gas stations, grocery stores, public utilities, food production and delivery, and healthcare.

Q: Are large gatherings allowed in Trenton, New Jersey?

A: While gathering restrictions in Trenton, New Jersey continue to be in place, the government is easing back into reopening. Currently, indoor gathers are limited to 25-percent of the building’s capacity or 50 people maximum. Indoor or outdoor sporting events are limited to the staff that works for the venue.

Q: How to keep business going during COVID?

A: Keeping citizens safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is the priority of the state while ensuring businesses can safely open. To ensure the best of both worlds, the state has implemented and is enforcing restrictions to ensure the small businesses of Trenton, New Jersey can stay afloat.

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