Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Guidelines for Tampa, FL

Many people have questions about the COVID-19 guidelines in Tampa. Here are the answers to the most common questions to help clear up any confusion.

Q: What is Tampa’s reopening plan?

Tampa is following CDC guidelines for reopening. Businesses are encouraged to follow a three-step cleaning and disinfecting plan for all services. Tampa is in phase three of Florida’s reopening procedure.

Q: Is it mandatory to wear a mask in Tampa during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. Hillsborough County’s Emergency Policy Group requires everyone to wear a face-covering or mask inside businesses that are open to the public. This order began on March 12th. Children under age five don’t need to wear a mask. The term business includes nonprofits and other entities that provide services to the public at inside locations. Additionally, children 18 and younger don’t have to use a face covering while participating in organized sports, camps, and childcare programs.

Q: Are restaurants open in Tampa?

Yes. Tampa follows Florida’s guidelines for pandemic restrictions. The state is in phase three, which allows all eating establishments to operate at full capacity. Face coverings are not required while eating or drinking inside or outside. Restaurants are encouraged to improve all sanitization and disinfection steps. State and federal health authorities are also suggesting businesses upgrade their ventilation systems.

Q: Are gyms open in Tampa?

Gyms are open in Tampa. The area is following the state’s reopening guidelines. During phase three, all businesses can reopen with few restrictions. Fitness centers closed for two months and reopened at full capacity in May. Health officials ask gyms to follow social distancing rules and increase steps to sanitize and disinfect all equipment. Members should wipe down machines and other items after each use with approved cleansing products that kill COVID-19.

Q: What businesses and services are open in Tampa?

All businesses in Tampa are open and serving customers. Companies are encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines. Businesses that don’t serve the general public are asked to follow these rules still as much as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All locations should be adhering to CBD disinfecting and cleaning steps. Companies don’t need to shutdown following positive cases but are prompted to do an extensive cleaning process to promote safety.

Q: What does Tampa define as “essential business” during COVID?

Tampa follows Florida’s guidelines for reopening. The state is in stage three of the emergency orders. Under this phase, all businesses can open without restrictions.

Q: Are large gatherings allowed in Tampa?

Tampa doesn’t enforce any restrictions for large gatherings. The area does recommend limiting public and private gatherings of 250 or more people.

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