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Protecting Our Metro Detroit North MI Community

A lot of people call Metro Detroit North, MI home — over 672,000, in fact. Metro Detroit North is the 23rd most populated city in America and the largest city along the U.S./Canadian border. It’s a major center for arts and culture and a popular destination for tourism. Cities as large as Metro Detroit North offer unlimited venues for eating, drinking, and revelry. Enviro-Master Services is happy to help maintain them with commercially cleaning and regular sanitization.

Many areas have seen renovation and a lively return. With historic buildings renovated into gorgeous condos, offices, upscale hotels, and even public places of culture, there’s a lot to love about Metro Detroit North. Enviro-Master Services is honored to provide cleaning solutions, helping clean and disinfect its many public spaces.

Enviro-Master Services is here to help keep Metro Detroit North clean and healthy for the people who live, work, and visit there.