COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Detroit

What to Know Before You Hit the Weights

We are all struggling with the current pandemic and state of the world, there is no way to get around it. With that being said and as the world settles into the new normal, there are now more businesses opening up and trying to get back to some semblance of normal. Though true normal is still a long way off, more and more business are opening; gyms are among them.

How to Make Gyms Safer

The main problem with gyms is the close proximity of the patrons and of course the bodily fluids that we expel when we are working out. Also, gyms are a hotbed for people that are sweating and touching their faces often and then touching communal equipment. Though gyms can be a home away from home where you can get the stress out and let off steam, it is also a great place to spread disease.

What is Michigan Doing About Reopening?

Michigan began reopening businesses during the summer, like many states. Gyms began opening in the first part of September and they are continuing to open up more and more. Members and staff in Detroit gyms are required to wear a mask at all times, even when working out, unless they are swimming. They are also required to limit the overall capacity of the gym to 25%. Owners of gyms are asked to offer outside opportunities for exercise as often as they can as well.

Fitness class size also has been reduced to as few people as possible to allow for six feet of space between each person and between the instructor as well. On top of that, it is also required that the equipment be regularly cleaned and that there is hand sanitizer and soap available to patrons as often as possible. It is also suggested that gyms keep air circulating as much as possible by opening windows, doors and using fans to help keep the fresh air moving.

On top of all of that, in Michigan, though the gyms are open, some areas are still off limits. The steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, and plunge pools must remain closed since these areas cannot be regularly disinfected or cleaned to prevent spread of the virus.

How to Keep It Clean

When it comes to keeping the gym clean, it is important that gym owners and managers do take the time to make a plan for cleaning and find a company or solution that is going to work for you and help your gym open back up sooner. Enviro-Master is a great option if you are looking for a company that has a range of cleaning services that are varied, that can change depending on what you need, and that are going to help you get your gym back opened up sooner and stay open. Professional disinfection services on a weekly basis will not just keep you on point with requirements, but keep your mind at ease.


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