Newark, New Jersey


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Sanitizing Services in North New Jersey with Enviro-Master Experts

Filled with rich history, North Jersey is also a hub of retail shops and busy city life. At Enviro-Master, we have served the North New Jersey area, acting as supportive partners in sanitation to the businesses and organizations here.


Snug little spots, like Little City Books, take us for adventures right in the comfort of our own home. There are quaint little 1920’s themed bars and indie music fests. The Boat House offers a nautical themed bar for good drinks and better atmosphere. Every one of these small places deserves to stay in business and good health practices will help keep them doing what they do best.


We rely on the businesses in North Jersey to bring us products and services we value. In turn, Enviro-Master works with businesses to ensure their environments are clean and sanitary. No matter the size or cleaning challenges, we can offer solutions as thought leaders in the industry.


Sharing a boarder with New York means we get a lot of through-traffic, especially through Staten Island and Manhattan. Tourists flock to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to see some of the rich history our region has held. With so many incoming people each year, we need to be sure surfaces are cleaned and safe for everyone.


Our Northern New Jersey team is ready to help businesses and organizations from Wantage all the way to New Brunswick with our commercial cleaning service. We want to keep the classrooms, conference rooms, galleries, stadiums, shops, hospitals, offices and all other public spaces safe and free of harmful germs.