Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Guidelines for Newark, NJ

Gyms all across New Jersey were finally allowed to reopen on Sept. 1, after being mandatorily shut down for six months to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But now getting into winter, the pandemic is far from over. As of Oct. 30, there have been more than 236,000 cases have been diagnosed in the Garden State, with well over 16,000 deaths. Urban areas like Newark are considered at higher risk, and so it is important for all local gym owners and operators to follow state guidelines on reopening to help prevent further spread. Doing so will also ward off the likelihood of closing again.

Encourage Reservations and Keep Capacity Low

Gym capacity is currently restricted to 25 percent. There are a variety of ways of enforcing this, from encouraging (or even requiring) reservations to having a staff member stationed at the door to count heads and turn away guests as needed. It’s important to note that violating capacity rules is one of the main reasons businesses in the COVID era have been reported to the state and fined.

Customers Should Be Kept at a Distance From Each Other

According to the new guidelines, all gym equipment and designated personal workout spaces need to be at a minimum of 6 feet apart. This will prevent customers from working out too closely to one another. Some gyms are also taping down new directional walkways to reduce the risk of people getting too close or even bumping in to each other as they transition from station to station.

Set up Easy-to-Use Sanitization Spots

While gym staff should keep vigorous, it’s also important that the customers themselves are sanitizing equipment after use. Gym staff should set up multiple sanitization stations around the facility, with disposable paper towels and disinfectant sprays as well as hand sanitizer so customers can clean their own hands after using.

Don’t Neglect Locker Rooms and Restrooms

It’s easy to focus on the main gym areas with workout equipment and community fitness spaces, but some of the most important areas that need frequent sanitization and disinfecting are the locker rooms and restrooms. Germs thrive in these spaces, and so they’ll need extra attention (although it is worth mentioning that many gyms are keeping their locker rooms closed altogether). In fact, some gyms are turning to specialized cleaning services like electrostatic spraying to ensure that any lingering virus germs are killed.

On a side note, shower areas should be shut down as per state guidelines. However, there may be some exceptions near pool areas.

Consider Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service in Newark, NJ

Relying on both staff to disinfect and sanitize regularly is one thing, but what really makes things challenging is having to depend on customers to do the same (especially after they use popular equipment like treadmills and weights). Enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning service like Enviro-Master Services can help, because it guarantees your facilities will undergo vigorous sanitization from top to bottom. Enviro-Master also offers electrostatic spraying among their cleaning services to truly disinfect while they sanitize.

It’s worth noting that an increasing amount of gyms are turning to professional hygiene-focused cleaning services like this on a daily basis to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. Doing so will also show government officials that New Jersey’s gyms are taking the right precautions and do not need to be shut down again!

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