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Medical Office Cleaning: 5 Reasons to Outsource Cleaning Services

The health and safety of any office is a top priority for all business owners and office managers. For professionals in the healthcare industry, the need for quality cleaning services is even more important to prevent the spread of illness and to protect your patients and staff.

Some people may be avoiding the doctor’s office for fear of becoming infected with the coronavirus. And while telehealth appointments are becoming more widely used, there are many cases when an in-person visit is the best route to receive medical treatment. So, medical facilities need to work hard to assure patients and staff that they’re safe when they come into your office.

Hiring a professional medical office cleaning service is one of the best ways to prevent the further spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria and protect your business. Here’s why it’s worth the cost.

Reliable Way to Protect Patients and Staff

Your staff can’t help patients if they’re busy cleaning restrooms, exam rooms, and waiting rooms. Or worse yet, they can’t help anyone because they’re sick at home with an illness they picked up at the office. And what if that person quits? Who will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting your medical office until you find a replacement? Hiring a professional medical office cleaning service transfers that responsibility to a reliable service that’s dedicated to medical and hospital cleaning services.

A professional service will arrive on schedule each week and perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection of your facility. Trained health and hygiene technicians know where germs and bacteria are lurking in your restrooms, exam rooms, and other parts of your facility. And they won’t leave the job half done because they were called away to help a patient or deal with another office issue.

Stretch Your Budget

You will save time and money when you outsource your medical office cleaning to a professional health and hygiene company. When you work with a company like Enviro-Master, you won’t need to hire a full-time employee to take care of disinfecting your facility or buy expensive equipment and cleaning products for your office.

At Enviro-Master, one of our weapons against germs and illnesses is the Virus Vaporizer™ electrostatic spray service. This service uses EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectant. It kills 99.9 percent of dangerous germs, including the coronavirus, and keeps protecting your facility all week long, according to a recent study, conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba, professor at the University of Arizona.

Gain Additional Services

Health experts encourage patients and other visitors to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of disease at the doctor’s office. From soap to toilet paper, a medical office cleaning company can also take care of many supply needs at your facility.

Large hygiene companies buy products in bulk and can pass on those savings to their customers. During weekly visits, technicians can refill soap containers and hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as keep your office stocked with paper towels and toilet paper. Never run out of toilet paper again!

Cut Insurance Costs

When you do business with a reputable medical cleaning services company, they take over the responsibility of liability and insurance coverage, saving your business money and paperwork. Enviro-Master is a fully insured service provider. Technicians are trained in the proper disinfection techniques and the use of EPA-approved products to protect your facility.

Wash Your Hands of the Responsibility

Partnering with an award-winning commercial health and safety company can be a winning solution for your medical facility. You’ll get quality results in less time, and you won’t have to hire or manage another employee. If your business needs the occasional extra cleaning service to take care of deep cleaning tile and grout — or other projects, a professional service like Enviro-Master can take care of those needs as they arise.

Your priority is to take care of patients and staff. Let experienced professionals take care of your restrooms and other disinfection needs at your medical facility. Complete the form below to get in touch with your local Enviro-Master Services team today.



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