Local COVID-19 Guidelines – Miami, Florida

Covid-19 changed the way those who conduct business in Miami, FL operate. To reduce the chances of spreading the virus, new rules and procedures are in place in the area. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to Miami, FL, and Covid-19 business guidelines.

What is Miami’s reopening plan?

Miami instituted the “Stand Up, Miami” reactivation plan to aid in the reopening of businesses and services. This is conducted in a phased approach. The stage advancements can be reversed or downgraded at any time an outbreak spike of the virus emerges in the area. The plan is featured in a handbook that can be viewed via Miami’s government website.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask in Miami during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Masks are needed when inside a building where airflow is not as great as it is outdoors. Recently Miami’s stance on mask-wearing outdoors changed. Previously it was recommended to wear masks outdoors, in addition to inside of establishments. As of October 2020, masks can be removed when someone is able to distance themselves from others by at least ten feet. If this distance cannot be maintained, masks are needed.

Are Restaurants Open In Miami?

Restaurants are currently able to operate at 100% capacity, with restrictions. Patrons must be able to remain six feet apart. Groups of no more than ten people can be seated at a table. Masks need to be worn when a person is not eating and when they are away from their dining table. Businesses are asked to disinfect high touch areas like tabletops and bar tops. Electrostatic disinfections services help to stave the spread of COVID in these places.

Are Gyms Open In Miami?

Gyms and fitness centers in Miami are currently allowed to operate at up to 50% percent of their occupancies. Patrons need to remain at least six feet away from each other inside these facilities. Face coverings are required inside gyms and fitness centers. Gyms should take extra care to treat and disinfect their restrooms. Restroom cleaning services can be used alongside employees to ensure a safer environment.

What Businesses And Services Are Open In Miami?

Businesses are allowed to operate within the city of Miami at this time, however, there are restrictions regarding mask usage and occupancy levels. Each type of business is listed on Miami’s government website to be explored in detail. Main businesses like schools, government buildings, restaurants, retail establishments, entertainment venues, and bars, are open.

What Does Miami Define As “Essential Business” During COVID?

While there is no restriction on business operation in Miami at the time, there was a need to designate essential versus non-essential business during major outbreaks of Covid-19. Essential businesses are necessary to keep commerce from shutting down during a restrictive period. Essential businesses include those run by medical professionals, and food supply and distribution employees.

Are Large Gatherings Allowed In Miami?

Larger gatherings are still not permitted in Miami as of the beginning of November 2020. Miami guidelines allow for up to ten people to gather at a time for personal reasons. In addition, Miami has a curfew in affect from 10pm until 6am.

How To Keep Business Going During COVID?

Complying by the rules put into place by the city is necessary to avoid possible fines and shutdowns of operations. Commercial cleaning services, and disinfection services can be a big help in keeping businesses a safe place for Miami residents. In addition, to keep customers coming back to businesses, be sure to adhere to cleaning requirements. These are imperative to keeping customers and employees safe and healthy. Hiring a cleaning service to tend to necessary tasks eliminates the worries of time restraints and quality of cleaning in key areas of businesses.

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