Local Covid-19 Guidelines in London, Ontario

The City of London, Ontario is doing all in its power to fight the spread of COVID-19 and deliver essential services. Many businesses are reopening in London. To do this successfully they have to observe public health guidelines and provincial regulations. Sanitization, disinfection services, and cleaning are among the most vital guidelines.

What Are the Local COVID-19 Guidelines for London, Ontario?

1. What Is London’s Reopening Plan?

London is reopening gradually to ensure the safety of its residents.

Some of the steps taken include:

  • Residents can now access in-person by appointment at 206 Dundas Street and City Hall.
  • Recreational, social, and childcare services offer in-person support.
  • Select community centers and arenas will open gradually throughout the fall to facilitate recreation programming. The city will advertise programs and details through their various media channels like Twitter.
  • Select pools and park playgrounds are open. Residents should keep a 2-meter distance in any park.

2. Is it Mandatory to Wear a Mask in London, Ontario, During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Yes, it is mandatory to wear a mask for all public indoor settings in London and the province of Ontario. People should also wear masks where social distancing is a challenge.

3. Are restaurants open in London, Ontario?

Yes, restaurants in London, Ontario are open after four months of lockdown. However, buffet service is not yet allowed.

4. Are gyms open in London, Ontario?

Yes, gyms and fitness centers in London are open. They need to take extra precaution in disinfecting the facilities. Some areas are using electrostatic disinfection services to create a more safe environment.

5. What Businesses and Services Are Open in London, Ontario?

Many businesses and government services have reopened.  Some of the businesses include tourism, retail, food and grocery, and parks and outdoors. However, some businesses and services are still banned, including restaurants with buffet, amusement parks, private karaoke rooms, and overnight children’s camps.

6. What Does London, Ontario Define as “essential Business During COVID-19?”

Most essential services in London, Ontario, remained open and some were deferred online.

Some of the Essential businesses during COVID-19 in London Ontario include:

  • Transport.
  • Child services.
  • Healthcare.
  • Social services.
  • Food services and accommodations.
  • Justice sector.
  • Seniors care.
  • Manufacturing and production.
  • It and telecommunications.
  • Business regulation and inspection.
  • Industrial commercial, institutional, and residential maintenance.
  • Retail and wholesaling.
  • Agriculture and food production.
  • Construction.
  • Financial activities like insurance banking and Capital markets.
  • Resources like mining activities.
  • Environmental services.
  • Utilities And Community Services Like the waste collection, electricity water and more.
  • Other services like animal services, career services, land services, funeral services, and more.

7. Are Large Gatherings Allowed in London, Ontario?

Gatherings in London, Ontario, have been regulated to help slow  Covid-19.  the Gathering regulations include:

  • Families can come into close contact with ten people.
  • Indoor gatherings are limited to 50 people.
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 100 people.

How to Keep Business Going During COVID-19

To keep business growing during the pandemic business owners should first and foremost protect their staff and patrons. This includes a regimented hygiene routine, cleaning of high tough surfaces and cleaning of high trafficked areas. Restrooms cleaning should be a large point of emphasis. Keeping a clean restroom not only creates a more welcoming and pleasant environment, it’s also much safer. For expertise in bathroom cleaning services, commercial hygiene services, odor control services, and disease prevention Enviro-Master can assist.

Enviro-Master can be reached at 519.432.7551 for inquiries or to get commercial cleaning services.

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