COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Mobile, Alabama

In addition to the Safer at Home Order’s mandates and the Guidelines for Safeguarding All Businesses, the following practices are strongly recommended for restaurants, bars, and similar establishments by the Alabama Public Health Department

  • Where it is feasible and also practical, consider moving operations to a reservations-only business model or call-ahead seating arrangement to improve social distance compliance.
  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines for those who choose to eat inside the area and who choose to use the bar areas.
  • Create a detailed and thorough plan for cleaning duties for all employees and follow a cleaning checklist of all high contact surface areas that need to be cleaned.
  • Consider exposure and contact areas for both customers as well as staff and employees and ensure all areas are kept as clean as possible.
  • Train your staff on how to reduce contact and exposure, how to minimize spread, and what to do to properly clean and sanitize these high-touch hotspots.
  • Dedicate staff members for every shift who will be in charge of sanitizing surfaces in dining areas and restrooms to ensure cleanliness is maintained.
  • Use menus that are disposable or for those that are reusable be sure they are properly sanitized between each and every use.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and other similar products and ensure they are always stocked and readily available for employees and guests to use whenever they want.
  • Designate with signage, tape, or by other means visual indications of proper social distancing spacing as well as seating arrangements and off-limit areas.
  • Avoid gatherings of employees and guests into larger areas around the entry and exit points and maintain spacing and distancing in lines and when seating guests.
  • Use single-use items and make a move away from the buffet and self-serve condiment stations in favor of individual packets, prewrapped disposable silverware, and similar products.
  • Do not use communal silverware containers or allow guests to utilize any serving utensils that may be utilized by staff or another guest.
  • Where practical, use physical barriers to provide protection for employees and customers when distancing is not possible, partitions or plexiglass at registers being recommended.
  • Disinfect restrooms and other high-touch areas regularly, with a minimum of every few hours being highly recommended by most local health and safety experts.
  • Provide adequate trash receptacles and educate employees and remind customers about proper use and disposal of PPE such as masks and gloves.

How Enviro-Master Services Can Help

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