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Office Cleaning: What Services to Expect

When it comes to creating a healthy and productive work environment, cleanliness and sanitation play a crucial role. A clean and sanitized office not only reduces the spread of germs and illnesses but also creates a positive environment for clients and employees. This level of sanitization requires more than just a quick sweep or a wipe-down provided by a janitorial service. Hiring a professional cleaning service to tackle the hard-to-reach and hard-to-eliminate germs is critical in keeping your workspace safe.

What Needs to Be Cleaned and Sanitized in an Office?

An office is a meeting space for workers, clients, and, unfortunately, disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The typical desk has around 400 times the number of germs typically found on a toilet. Other areas in an office can harbor just as many germs. Here is what should be included in office cleaning.

Restrooms: Restrooms are one of the areas in an office that require the most attention when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. Toilets, sinks, and floors should be cleaned daily, but no office cleaning job is complete without a full and regular sanitization to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. In addition to reducing bacteria on surfaces, it is also important to make sure paper products are properly stocked, and soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are filled.

Surfaces: The high-touch surfaces such as desks, chairs, tables, and other surfaces in an office need to be wiped down daily to remove surface dust and dirt, and to keep the growth of germs at bay. However, a weekly sanitation service can kill and reduce the reintroduction of spreadable germs. An electrostatic spraying service, such as the Enviro-Master Virus Vaporizer™, uses a special germicide that adheres to hard and soft surfaces. This germicide inhibits the return of germs and bacteria — and ultimately makes your office a healthier space. Using a professional germicide service is especially important during flu season.

Floors: The floors of an office are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The bottom of our shoes carry an incredible amount of germs and bacteria, a University of Arizona study found. Those bacteria and germs find their way anywhere your employees step. Regular vacuuming and mopping are necessary to keep them clean and free of dirt and debris. However, a deep cleaning using specialized equipment may be required periodically to remove stubborn stains and sanitize the floors thoroughly. Tile and grout can especially hold onto mildew and smells. A tile and grout service needs to be done regularly. Slips and falls can also be reduced when tile and grout are properly maintained.

Common Areas: Forget the restroom, office break rooms and kitchens are among the germiest places at work and could be considered the epicenter of office illnesses. People who may be under the weather convene in the break room and touch common surfaces such as the faucet or microwave handle. Co-workers also touch those surfaces and then take those germs to other areas of the building, potentially infecting even more people. While a janitorial service may handle the basic cleaning tasks, a routine sanitization service takes the level of cleanliness and germ protection up a notch. A professional office cleaning service such as Enviro-Master Services goes deeper than a surface-level cleaning with electrostatic spraying, tile and grout services, and more.

Using a Professional Cleaning Service is an Investment

A commercial cleaning company, not just a janitorial service, will have the expertise and knowledge to clean and sanitize an office thoroughly. Commercial cleaners have specialized equipment and cleaning products the public doesn’t have access to — plus trained professionals who can handle commercial-grade products.

When it comes to the health and safety of your employees, you don’t want to cut corners. Research has shown absenteeism can cost billions of dollars in lost productivity. It’s estimated professional services lose more than $24 billion annually in lost production due to absenteeism. Preventing communicable diseases from spreading can help your bottom line. A professional office cleaning service, like Enviro-Master Services, makes sure every part of your office building is sanitized. Using a professional service is an investment in your building, and, most importantly, your people. The money you put into a cleaning service pays back your business with interest. Here’s why:

Convenience: Rather than having to allocate time and resources towards cleaning, a sanitization service handles the dirty work while your employees focus on their primary tasks and responsibilities. Enviro-Master Services can work around the schedule of the office, ensuring that cleaning is completed outside of regular business hours.

Health and Safety: A clean and sanitized office is essential for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. This can reduce employee absences and increase productivity in your space. When employees feel better, they work better.

Professional Appearance: A clean and well-maintained office creates a positive impression on clients and visitors. It conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, which can be important for businesses that rely on maintaining a positive image.

Enviro-Master Services Gets the Job Done

Cleaning office buildings to a level of sanitization is just part of what we do. Our trained Health and Safety technicians know how to handle commercial-grade cleaning products to keep everyone in your space safe. We specialize in commercial cleaning for businesses of all sizes and sectors. In fact, Enviro-Master Services is trusted by companies across the United States and Canada.

There are scientific benefits to using Enviro-Master Services for businesses, and we’ve done research to make sure we’re providing beneficial, quality office cleaning services. We’re confident that we can help keep your employees and clients stay healthy with the right commercial cleaning services for your business. We offer a variety of office cleaning options. Paired together, your space will be spick and span — and sanitized!

Contact us today to have the cleanest office around.

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