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Pat Swisher Attends Closing of Americare Hygiene Sale in Chicago, Illinois

There is a war against germs and Enviro-Master Services is expanding their arsenal. Enviro-Master is the only commercial hygiene company focusing 100% on sanitizing commercial bathrooms. Enviro-Master does the dirty work so that customers and employees of those businesses have a clean and healthy experience. Enviro-Master’s Orlando franchise is expanding their operation with their newly acquired hygiene firm, Americare-National Hygiene and Supply Inc., which operates in the Chicago area. Now, businesses in Orlando and Chicago can offer their customers an overall clean and sanitary environment. Enviro-Master Services combined with Americare-National Hygiene and Supply Inc. will work together to fight off germs and create healthy environments for schools, offices, day cares, restaurants, and many more types of industries.

Having an Enviro-Master franchise acquire such a notable company is something to be proud of. The owners of Americare-National Hygiene and Supply Inc., Richard Gac and Lee Gac, modeled their business after CEO of Enviro-Master, Pat Swisher’s business model which makes this acquisition a perfect fit. Pat Swisher was in attendance during the closing between the two companies to demonstrate his support over this decision. This expansion signifies growth for Enviro-Master Services as a whole, but highlights the Orlando franchise’s success.


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