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Celebrate Success: Enviro-Master’s Regional Spring Meetings

This week we celebrate the success of Enviro-Master’s Regional Meetings held for the first time this spring in Washington, DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We would like to thank everyone that made these meetings possible and thank everyone who attended their region’s meeting.

We would also like to congratulate all the winners of Top Gun Award for “Best Who We Are and What We Do” Presentation by Operations Manager as well as the winners of Top Gun Award for “Best Sales Presentation”.

Lastly we would like to thank everyone who sent in feedback about Enviro-Master’s first round of regional meetings. The feedback we have received has been amazing. Therefore we thought that we would like to spotlight some of the great feedback received by sharing with you below a few words, thoughts, and feedback we received from those who attended Enviro-Master’s Regional Meetings this spring.

“Chris and Beth, I would like to thank you both for all of the time and effort you and the team put in to the regional meeting in LA. I felt it was well worth my time and expense, and I came away energized.

What I Liked Most:

  • Meeting fellow Franchisees and making connections. The mix of (experienced vs. new) was fantastic.
  • Learning from each other throughout the day
  • The meeting agenda-perfect for keeping us “on schedule” while also driving and allowing for a lot of open discussion.
  • “The 4 What’s”-Excellent reference tool for my young operation.
  • Reminder of what’s to come as I grow
  • *Sales Leadership Program
  • *Customer Retention Program
  • Sales Presentations and learning new ways to say things a little more effectively.
  • Meeting leads were most prepared and did a wonderful job guiding discussions and keeping it lively.

Scott Sheldon
Enviro-Master Phoenix East

“Good Evening Chris,
Just wanted you to acknowledge that I really enjoyed the conference I attended March 26, 2016 in Los Angeles CA. You did an amazing job setting it all up and the information provided to myself was good tools to put in my tool box. As long as you push the older franchisees to participate in along with us newer franchisees I believe it will create a strong learning of being successful in this operation and help the new franchise become stronger driven in their operations. So I thank you for all you do it means a lot to and shows me good leadership within your team and yourself I thank you very much for doing what you do. Good luck on your franchise as well.”
Manuel Estrada Jr
Enviro Master Services Phoenix East

“Guys thanks for holding the training this weekend. It is always good to get together and review because it gets me back on focus on items.”
Warren Heuman
Owner, Enviro-Master of St. Louis

“I thought the Regional Meeting was a big success. It was great sharing best practices and learning new ideas from other owners. Networking meetings are crucial to the success and growth of our businesses. Thanks!”
Danny Bridges
Owner, Enviro-Master of Jacksonville, FL

“Tod, Chris and Chris did an excellent job in leading the discussions, and each of them offered some genuine insight into aspects of their point of discussion in a way that was meaningful for everyone.”
Steve Tucker
Owner, Atlanta West

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