Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines for Reno, NV

It’s no secret that this year has been a tough one for Nevada residents, and this goes tenfold for people in the food and beverage industry. When bars and restaurants closed their doors due to COVID-19 earlier this year, nobody knew it was just the beginning of a long, difficult road. The initial coronavirus-spurred shutdown lasted seven weeks, with food and beverage establishments reopening on May 9 under Gov. Steve Sisolak’s direction. Now the governor has called for renewed efforts into curbing spread of the virus, thanks to cases topping 100,000 as of the end of October. But what does this actually mean for Reno restaurants and their patrons?

Guidelines for Reno, Nevada Bars and Restaurants

There are numerous guidelines currently in place for Reno restaurants, the most visible one being mandatory face masks and tables being spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart. The only exceptions to the table spacing rule is booths, which can be used side-by-side if there is plexiglass installed in between. Sanitizing stations should also be set up throughout the space, and all restaurants are strongly encouraged to offer curbside pickup and delivery options.

That said, the most important guidelines of all regard cleaning regularly. But it can be hard to make sure everything is fully sanitized, especially when much of it depends on staff having to quickly disinfect areas during their busy shifts. This is why an increasing amount of bars and restaurants are turning to commercial cleaning services in Reno to go the extra mile. Enviro-Master Services offers specific COVID-19 cleaning services to help local restaurants stay sanitized (and open to the public!)

What Customers Need to Know

All customers visiting bars and restaurants in Reno should arrive with a mask on and not remove it at all except for when actively eating or drinking. Customers should also be prepared to follow whatever guidelines or requests the restaurant has set up for them. Unless otherwise directed, customers should wait to be seated as staff members may need to clean and sanitize tables first, or they may have specific sections blocked off for use. Customers should also not walk up to bar areas and order, as this goes against state restaurant guidelines (customers may sit at bar areas only if sat there by staff and if they are six feet apart from other patrons).

Regular Commercial Cleaning Keeps Everyone Safe

A simply wipe of regular cleaner isn’t going to cut it in the age of COVID-19. The unfortunate truth is that coronavirus cases in Nevada have only been growing in recent months, and it is up to everyone to stay vigilant and take extra steps when it comes to cleaning. A professional cleaning service like Enviro-Master Services can provide the peace of mind of a restaurant that is thoroughly cleaned, from lobby areas to bar sections, from main seating areas to bathrooms, etc. Enviro-Master also offers what’s called “electrostatic disinfection service” which is a special type of spraying designed to kill viruses from all surfaces. With regular commercial cleaning like this in place, both restaurant proprietors and their customers can rest easier.

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