COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in San Francisco, California

The city of San Francisco has often been one of the most visited cities in the country. One of the draws to the city has continued to be the very vibrant restaurant and dining scene. While the city is full of world-class and renowned restaurants, the impact of COVID-19 has altered the dining experience all over the city. There are a variety of COVID-19 guidelines in the city that all patrons, employees and owners should be aware of.

Social Distancing

One of the main guidelines for dining at San Francisco restaurants is in regard to social distancing. Similar to in other cities, those that own restaurants in San Francisco have to operate with much lower capacity. For any interior space, capacity is now limited to just 25% occupancy and all tables have to be situated at least six feet apart. Further, large groups are not permitted as the maximum table capacity is only six unless all patrons come from the same household.

Full-Service Dining Only

Another guideline for dining in the city today is that restaurants have to offer full-service dining, which means that hotpots and buffets are not permitted. Further, bars that do not sell food are not permitted to be open unless they partner with another local restaurant to serve food. All customers are required to have food with their order.

Time Restrictions

There are also a variety of time restrictions that could alter the dining experience. No customers are allowed to spend more than two hours in the restaurant at any given time. Further, all food and alcohol service need to be cut off prior to midnight each night.

Outdoor Dining is Preferred

While there are indoor dining options permitted at restaurants all over the city, outdoor dining is still preferred. Restaurants that already have a patio are permitted to use it while abiding by the six-foot social distancing guideline. Those that do not have an existing outdoor space are permitted to apply for a temporary license that will allow them to expand into an outdoor walkway or even street parking spaces.

Safety Measures

Wearing facemasks is recommended at all times. Employees are required to wear facemasks while they are working, and guests need to wear them when walking to and from their table. Further, the restaurants are required to screen all patrons prior to seating and are permitted to deny seating to those with symptoms.

Proper Cleaning

Most importantly, all restaurants in San Francisco need to follow all proper cleaning guidelines. Between meals and reservations, the restaurants need to give ample time to ensure they are properly cleaning off all tables and chairs with proper cleaning supplies. Restaurants should also consider using commercial cleaning services in San Francisco.

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