Local Dallas/Fort Worth COVID-19 Guidelines – Business in TX

COVID-19 has presented businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area with many challenges. Now that non-essential businesses have been opening throughout the changing landscape, it’s important both as a patron and a business owner to keep up with the procedures that we’ll need to adhere to in order to reduce to spread of COVID.

What is Dallas/Fort Worth’s reopening plan amidst COVID?

Currently, restaurants and businesses are allowed to open at 75% of their capacity.  For businesses with ten or more employees, the state of Texas recommends designating an employee to provide customers with hand sanitizer and body temperature checks at the door. This employee will also be able to regulate the number of people entering the business to maintain the building’s proper capacity.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas businesses during COVID-19 pandemic?

The state of Texas mandates that all employees and customers practice social distancing and wear a mask covering their nose and mouth. The regulation stipulates that mask must be worn when individuals are unable to remain at least six feet from other people in their household. As a more protective precaution for customers and employees, masks should always be worn. Consider should be given to very young children who may not be able to wear a mask appropriately.

What businesses and services are open in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Every business that has the capacity to open is permitted to do so. Additional requirements for safety and security places a burden on small businesses. As a patron, please be understanding if there is a short wait to enter a business or a limitation to services or products once offered prior to the outbreak.

Are restaurants open in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Yes! Restaurants are open and ready to serve you both in the dining room and for takeout services. As restaurants are only operating at a limited capacity, customers may need to make a reservation if they want to eat in the dining room.

Are gyms open in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Yes! Many gyms in the area are open as of May 18, 2020.  Staff are taking steps to sanitize equipment between uses and accommodate social distancing. Clients are required to use gloves when they are in the facility. Also, gyms are only operating at 25% capacity, so you may experience a wait time as a member. This is for your safety and the safety of the employees.

What does Dallas/Fort Worth define as “essential business” during COVID?

Essential businesses are those that deliver what are considered by the state as critical services. This includes health care providers, grocery stores, gas stations and liquor stores. Malls, movie theaters and gyms are not considered essential so it is advisable to check to see if they have chosen to open with the new restrictions before you head out.

Are large gatherings allowed in Dallas/Fort Worth?

In short, no. However, there is no limit to the number of patrons outside of a business, as long as they are practicing social distancing. However, restaurants, shops and other businesses are still limited to 75% of their capacity, with tables of no more than ten people.

How do we keep business going during COVID?

During these times, it is important that customers feel safe in your business if you are an owner and that you are protected and protect others as a patron. At Enviro-Master Services in Dallas, our team can help you with one of the most critical pieces of these emerging guidelines: cleanliness. Consider hiring our professional team to maintain ongoing sanitizing and electrostatic disinfection services. Keep your customers, employees and yourself safe.

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