COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for Businesses in Denver, Colorado

On October 27, 2020, Denver, Colorado, moved back to the more restrictive Safer at Home Dial Level 3. This was done in response to the recently increasing number of cases and hospitalizations. It is important that all Denver residents understand what this means for them. Here are the most recent answers to some of the most asked questions regarding business and service opening in Denver and throughout Colorado.

Q: What Is Denver’s Reopening Plan?

A: Currently, Denver isn’t looking toward a full reopening plan. Instead, the city has decided to maintain restrictions for residents. According to Mayor Michael B. Hancock, the city will start work on reopening when the number of cases and hospitalizations go down.

Q: Is It Still Mandatory To Wear a Mask In Denver During COVID-19 Pandemic?

A: Yes. On October 16, 2020, Denver announced a tougher face-covering mandate. Residents over the age of three are required to wear a face mask while in public places. When outside, face masks are required if it isn’t possible to social distance.

Q: Are Restaurants Open in Denver?

A: Yes. Denver restaurants can provide food and alcohol delivery or curbside pickup. They are also permitted to offer indoor dining, but they cannot exceed 50 percent of their posted occupancy, or 50 people in total, whichever is less. Party sizes are limited to eight people, and tables must be six feet apart.

Outdoor dining is also allowed with a limit of 10 people per party, and tables must be six feet apart.

Patrons must wear masks unless they are eating or drinking.

If you own a restaurant in Denver, it is strongly recommended to work with a professional commercial cleaning company to have all surfaces in both front and back of house disinfected on a weekly basis.

Q: Are Gyms Open in Denver?

A: On October 28, 2020, it was announced that the policy regarding gyms was being discussed due to the rise in the state’s COVID cases. Currently, gyms are following the rules they had while the city was at Level 2. Gyms are allowed to operate at 25 percent or 25 people total, whichever is less; however, this can change very soon.

Q: What Businesses and Services Are Open in Denver?

A: Several business types are open in Denver, and business owners are expected to follow the guidelines. These include:

  • Retail stores at 50 percent capacity
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Campgrounds are open by reservation, and you can only camp with members of your household.
  • Office-based businesses for 50 percent of the employees and hand sanitizer must be made available.
  • Healthcare with 10 or fewer people in the office

Q: What Does Denver Define As an “Essential Business?”

A: The businesses that Denver considers essential include:

  • Healthcare centers
  • Research and lab services
  • Home health care companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Veterinary care and livestock
  • Nursing homes
  • Blood banks
  • Supermarkets
  • Hardware stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Hotels
  • Utility companies
  • Contractors
  • Marijuana dispensaries
  • Firearm stores

Q: Are Large Gatherings Allowed in Denver?

A: Residential and private gatherings were previously limited to 10 people from two households, but with the recent spike in cases, this number has been reduced to five. If the guests are not members of the same household, masks should be worn.

Indoor events in a public place cannot exceed 25 people, and masks should be worn. Outdoor events may not exceed 75 people, and if it isn’t possible to social distance by six feet, guests should wear masks.

Q: How Can We Keep Business Going During COVID?

A: Now, more than ever, Denver business owners need to comply with the guidelines set by the state. The city has already increased its restrictions, and if businesses and residents don’t follow the guidelines, more restrictions may be added in the future.

Businesses should have signage and stickers on the floor to help customers social distance. They should also require that all residents wear a mask. All shared and public surfaces should be consistently cleaned by staff and are highly encouraged to be professionally disinfected and sanitized by a commercial cleaning company like Enviro-Master of Denver. Finally, it is a good practice and offering for business owners to have hand sanitizer available for customers.

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