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Top 5 Considerations for Cleaning High Traffic Areas

From restaurants to hotels, every commercial building has its own unique cleaning needs. One thing that is true for most buildings, though, is that some areas of the building are likely to see a lot more foot traffic than others. These so-called high-traffic areas often demand special attention beyond your routine cleaning schedule. 

If you are struggling with having to clean your high-traffic facilities on a regular basis, working with a commercial cleaning service is one great option to consider. At Enviro-Master Services, we specialize in deep cleaning commercial buildings of all types, including those that receive heavy foot traffic. To help you achieve a cleaner facility, let’s discuss five considerations for cleaning a high-traffic area that our expert technicians are always sure to follow in their cleaning process

The Importance of Cleaning Commercial Buildings 

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and clean environment for both your customers and employees. One key part of this is performing frequent cleaning on your commercial building. Along with preventing dirt and stains from becoming an eyesore and driving away customers, keeping your commercial area clean is also important when it comes to disease control; even something as seemingly harmless as dirt on a hard surface can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. This makes sanitation just as important of a concern as overall cleanliness. 

For these reasons, routine maintenance and cleaning is essential even if your commercial building doesn’t receive heavy traffic. If you do have a lot of customers or employees flowing in and out of your building, then frequent cleaning is even more important still. 

High-Traffic Areas to Address 

The exact traffic lanes within a commercial building that receive the most foot traffic will obviously vary from building to building. With that said, though, there are some areas of a building that almost always see more traffic than others. This includes areas such as: 


  • The Front Entrance: The vast majority of people who enter your building will do so through the front entrance, making this the area that receives by far the most traffic in the majority of cases. 
  • Stairways/Elevators: If your building has multiple floors, the stairways and/or elevators that are used to access upper floors are likely to see a lot of traffic. 
  • Restrooms: Along with presenting a number of unique cleaning and sanitation requirements, the restrooms in commercial buildings tend to be high-traffic areas. 
  • Lobbies: Lobbies are areas where people congregate and thus tend to receive a lot of foot traffic. 
  • Other Busy Areas: Once again, high-traffic areas will vary from building to building, meaning that it’s a good idea to analyze your building and determine if there are any other busy areas that need special attention. 

Events Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

Whatever the high-traffic areas in your building happen to be, though, it’s important to identify them and formulate a plan for keeping them clean. It’s also worth noting that there are some instances where high-traffic areas may require an even more thorough cleaning than normal – for instance, an event that brings a lot of people into the building or inclement weather that causes people to track in mud or snow. 

Top Considerations for Your High-Traffic Areas 

5 Considerations for cleaning high traffic areas

If you would like to keep the high-traffic areas in your commercial building as clean as possible, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. At Enviro-Master Services, we’ve helped countless business owners keep their commercial buildings spotless, and we’ve learned quite a lot about keeping heavy traffic areas clean during this time. Some of our top tips and considerations for cleaning high-traffic areas include: 

1. What Type of Floor Are You Dealing With? 

Nothing sees more of an impact from heavy foot traffic than the floors in your high-traffic areas, and the type of floor in your building plays a key role in determining the best cleaning techniques to employ. Commercial carpet, for example, might require the occasional use of a carpet cleaning machine and regular vacuuming while hard floors require mopping with dish soap and warm water along with regular sweeping. Even the type of carpet in your building can impact what you need to do to keep it clean. For instance, bleaching products shouldn’t be used on wool carpets but are fine to use on synthetic fiber carpets. Nylon and wool carpets, meanwhile, should be protected with a quality carpet stain protector since they are porous and prone to staining. These are just a few of the considerations regarding the type of floor in your building that you will want to keep in mind, and it is important to research the best cleaning technique for your specific flooring type. 

Hard floors, on the other hand, will require a whole different cleaning solution to address the dirt, grime, and high-traffic stains. Our tile and grout cleaning service is specifically designed to remove buildup to benefit your facility with reduced odors and overall safety.

2. What High-Touch Surfaces Do You Need to Address?

The floors in your high-traffic areas may demand the most attention, but there are likely other surfaces that need special attention as well. The doorknob to your main entry and the checkout counter, for instance, are two examples of potentially high-touch surfaces that need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Along with preventing the buildup of unsightly dirt and grime, cleaning these high-touch surfaces on a regular basis is key to preventing the spread of germs in your building.  

3. How Can You Create a Safer Facility and Stop the Spread of Germs? 

Speaking of preventing the spread of germs, providing a safe and sanitary environment for your employees and customers is one of the most important reasons for keeping high-traffic areas clean. From COVID-19 to salmonella, there is no shortage of diseases that can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces. Thankfully, the right cleaning techniques can eliminate the vast majority of these pathogens from the surfaces in your building. This starts by using the right disinfectant and disinfecting technique – something we will discuss further in the next section. Along with thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all of the surfaces in your high-traffic areas, another great way to provide a safer facility and stop the spread of germs is to make hand sanitizer available to your employees and customers. This is why Enviro-Master’s hand hygiene program which ensures your hand sanitizer dispensers are always stocked and functioning properly is such a popular solution for business owners.  

4. Are You Using the Right Disinfecting Techniques? 

The first consideration when it comes to disinfecting surfaces in order to stop the spread of germs is choosing the right sanitizer. At Enviro-Master Services, our technicians utilize a range of hand-selected commercial cleaning products, including a hospital-grade germicide that is completely non-toxic and highly effective at killing disease-causing pathogens. Along with using the germicide ourselves, we also make it and the other high-quality cleaning chemicals that we use available for sale so that you can put the same products our technicians use to work yourself. 

In addition to choosing the right disinfectant, it is also important to choose the right disinfecting technique. You’ll want to make sure that every surface in your high-traffic areas is thoroughly disinfected, which is often easier said than done. At Enviro-Master Services, we use an innovative electrostatic spraying process to disinfect surfaces and entire areas at once. This method allows our technicians to quickly disinfect all of the surfaces in a room or area without having to manually scrub every inch. 

5. Have You Invested in a Regular Cleaning Schedule? 

Creating and implementing a regular cleaning schedule is key to keeping all areas of a commercial building clean but is especially important for areas that see a lot of traffic. Ideally, your cleaning schedule should be broken down based on daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements. For example, vacuuming the carpets and disinfecting high-touch surfaces may be daily cleaning needs, while other tasks on your schedule such as shampooing your carpets may only need to be performed once a month. 

By compiling all of the cleaning tasks that need to be performed, determining how often they need to be completed, and creating a schedule that includes each one, you can ensure that you aren’t missing any important step when it comes to keeping your high-traffic areas safe and clean. 

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How Enviro-Master Can Help Address Your High Traffic Areas 

At Enviro-Master Services, we provide routine commercial cleaning services to businesses all across the United States. Thanks to a combination of unmatched experience and high-quality cleaning products, we are able to help keep buildings sanitary and spotless no matter how much traffic they receive. If you would like to learn more about the many advantages of partnering with Enviro-Master Services for your commercial cleaning needs, be sure to contact us today!

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