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Ultimate Restroom Cleaning Checklist for Workplaces

What’s in a commercial restroom cleaning service? It might seem enough to perform a typical, basic restroom cleaning process that covers necessary items, following the path of a typical restroom user to ensure that each area they visit is cleaned on a regular basis:

  • Drop the wet floor signs into place, prop open the door
  • Sweep, dust surfaces, empty the trash
  • Refill items if less than half full: soap, paper towels, toilet paper
  • Clean toilets and urinals
  • Clean countertops, sinks, mirrors
  • Wash walls and fixtures
  • Mop the floor
  • Retrieve the sign when the floor’s dry, close the door

If your goal is to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the restroom with appropriate specific care, protecting workers against disease and infection, it goes a bit further. Consider the details a commercial cleaning and disinfecting service might add:

Clean and disinfect the following:

  • Toilet: including seats, flush handle, plumbing, bowl exterior
  • Urinal: handles, also clean internals and screen, replace block
  • Sink Area: Sinks, fixtures, mirrors
  • Utility Spaces: Countertops, shelves, ledges
  • High Contact Areas: Door handles and ADA switches, light switches
  • Paper Towel and Soap Dispensers: also restock
  • Feminine Hygiene and Baby Care Dispensers, Changing Table: also restock supplies
  • Floor: Remove trash and sweep, then mop.

In some workplaces, also clean and disinfect:

  • Shower
  • Lockers
  • Changing area


  • Check and Dust Air Vents
  • Check Functioning of Lights, Odor Control Systems
  • Verify ADA Door Mechanism

Full Employee Protection: Going Beyond the Checklist

For Enviro-Master Services, it’s the deeper details in each of these and other commercial restroom cleaning service checklist items that make the difference. Using environment and human-friendly products is essential, along with the long-lasting disinfectant used for our electrostatic spraying service, which has been shown to keep working for up to a week. Our tile and grout deep cleaning service adds a sanitary plus and sparkle to walls and shower spaces. Commercial drain treatment clears organic material from drains to avoid any splash back of bacterial growth and odors. We know that restrooms are active areas, and even spray from toilet flushing, coughing and sneezing, and hand washing can spread contamination to unexpected surfaces.

For Enviro-Master Services, Thoroughness is the Key to Our Results

Our commercial restroom cleaning service is more like detailing, with attention to all surfaces and touch areas. That includes complete bathroom stall coverage, door surfaces, handholds for wheelchair users and other disabled people, touch areas near urinals, and other frequently neglected areas. Our electrostatic spraying service easily provides this coverage after cleaning for long-lasting disinfection protection. Electrostatic spraying service is a foundation of our COVID-19 cleaning service, where blocking viruses on every surface is the goal, and assumptions or omissions can lead to contagion.

Our Protection Doesn’t Stop at the Restroom Door

Enviro-Master Services also provides commercial cleaning and disinfecting service for all public areas in the workplace, including coffee nooks, kitchens and break rooms, and meeting rooms. We can provide tile and grout deep cleaning, commercial drain treatment, and other commercial cleaning and disinfecting service components wherever they are needed. Our COVID-19 cleaning service is an excellent defense against flu season and other transmissible disease concerns as well. Our goal is to go beyond the normal checklist and provide coverage that protects employees and visitors against disease and infection transmission, wherever it might occur.

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