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8 Places with High-Touch Surface Areas for Commercial Cleaning

Pathogens: Where You Least Expect Them, Expect Them

Places where disease-causing pathogens spread are called fomites, or passive vectors. They’re objects that retain germs from touch and pass them along to those who touch later, especially in high-touch areas. Some spaces naturally get commercial cleaning and disinfecting services, like medical offices. Commercial restroom cleaning service is also common, but for other spaces, a nightmare of bacteria, viruses, and fungi can build up and spread without anyone being concerned, because they don’t know it’s there.

Unexpected High-Risk Transmission Points Are Found in the following places.

1. Offices

Copy machines, microwave ovens, doors, elevator buttons, computers, fax machines, and most surfaces in communal kitchens are just the start for the modern, busy office where much of the day is spent touching shared surfaces. Commercial restroom cleaning service is a start, and long-lasting electrostatic spraying service can disinfect other areas for nearly a week.

2. Schools and Colleges

Busy spaces with people pushing doors and changing rooms sometimes hourly, sharing desks, computers, and other equipment, mapping high-touch disease transmission here would draw a complex web.

3. Churches, Theaters, Community Centers

Shared spaces, hundreds of visitors, and high-touch areas including doors, tables, and seats. In community kitchens, pathogens can spread while everyone’s assuming that their friends and neighbors are somehow safer. With a lack of professional staff to clean, commercial drain treatment and tile and grout deep cleaning to remove bacteria growth and improve facility sanitation can also help organizations stay ahead of pathogens.

4. Grocery Stores and Restaurant Environments

In food-related spaces, high-touch surfaces are a particular risk as hands often go directly to mouths. Not only do high touch areas need proper cleaning and disinfection, but it’s also essential that the right products be used to ensure effectiveness of the process. Thorough COVID-19 cleaning service is a natural here.

5. Gyms

Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are found throughout many gym spaces, not just in the locker room. A study found that free weights had the highest concentration of bacteria, with gym machine handles a distant second. Restrooms, once again, were typically clean in comparison.

6. Libraries

Common resources such as computerized catalogs and self-checkout, shared computers, and even manual doors can see hundreds of visitors per day, providing common high-touch surfaces for transmission.

7. Copy Shops

Self-service copiers and computers see heavy traffic from a variety of visitors, both local and out-of-town. Personnel are usually too busy to perform more than basic cleaning, and COVID-19 cleaning service is a good start here.

8. High-Rise Buildings

Residents, office workers, and visitors all use the elevator and, at some point, press the first floor button. Not only is it a hidden high-touch area, it’s also a way for pathogens to transfer throughout the building.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Service for All Types of Environments

At Enviro-Master Services, we design cleaning solutions for the industries we serve based on proper coverage and product use, not assumptions. We know that many people take care when opening a bathroom door to leave but press a first floor elevator button without concern. It’s our job to make sure organizations receive proper commercial cleaning and disinfecting service, including electrostatic spraying service as needed, to cover transmission points and high touch services correctly. Contact us to be sure of your coverage today.

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