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Wash Your Hands – It’s Global Handwashing Day!

What Is Global Handwashing Day?

Global Handwashing Day occurs on October 15th every year. This year, focus is on the correlation between handwashing and food hygiene to promote food safety and prevent diseases. This year’s theme, “Clean Hands: A Recipe for Health,” reminds everyone to wash their hands before preparing and eating food.

Global Handwashing Day raises awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene. Washing your hands can prevent sickness and reduce antibiotic resistance. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, proper handwashing can prevent 20 percent of diseases from respiratory infection. Learning how to wash your hands properly can also reduce intestinal illnesses by 30 percent. Keep reading to find out more about Global Handwashing Day and how your business or organization can benefit from a comprehensive hand hygiene program from Enviro-Master commercial cleaning.

How Can You Make a Difference on Global Handwashing Day?

Encourage employees and customers to wash their hands prior to meals, cooking at home and when serving others. Wash your hands before you eat your lunch at work and help establish convenient places for handwashing in the community, schools, health facilities and workplaces. By promoting good hand hygiene, you can help reduce communicable diseases during flu season, when the weather changes and even during a global pandemic.

Hand Hygiene in the Office

According to the Centers for Disease Control, handwashing can help prevent the spread of illness in the office and other business locations. Without proper hand hygiene employees, customers and guests sharing the same space or equipment can quickly spread germs. This cost your business in lost productivity and increased sick days.

Wet your hands before putting soap on them. Bar soap and liquid soap work equally well. Thoroughly wash the backs of the hands and between the fingers as well as the front of the hands for about 20 seconds.

When should employees wash their hands? The CDC suggests handwashing or using hand sanitizer after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose or using the bathroom. You should also clean your hands thoroughly before you eat or prepare food. When opting for hand sanitizer, choose one that’s 60% alcohol.

Hand Washing Program from a Commercial Cleaning Company

In addition to our cleaning and disinfecting services, Enviro-Master has a hand hygiene program to protect those visiting your business from pathogens. When you use our hand hygiene services, you get the expertise of a commercial cleaning company. Health and Safety technicians check your equipment for proper functioning and refill hand sanitizer dispensers on a weekly basis.

You can add the hand sanitizer program to your regular cleaning services or invest in the hand hygiene program as a standalone service. Prevent the spread of illness and limit callouts when you implement regular hand sanitizing services. Hand hygiene dispenses make a great option at entryways and exits and through your office, store or facility.

Contact Enviro-Master today to schedule the services of a commercial cleaning company or to learn more about our hand hygiene program.

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