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What Exactly Are Hygiene Services?

Surely the first thing you think of when you go into a bathroom isn’t, “Gee, I wonder who handles the hygiene in this place.” Not many people would. What many people also don’t know is that there is a very specialized industry that handles that and that is the Hygiene Services Industry.

Hygiene services and products are used in any business, office or commercial space in order to provide a clean and healthy environment. These services are particularly used in washrooms, kitchens, factories and hospital wards, where there is a high need for a clean and sterile environment and include the cleaning of and supplying of products and consumables to the premises.

Types of hygiene services

Hand washing and drying – more often than not clients hire or buy soap dispensers and hand towel dispensers from a cleaning company and then purchase the consumables such as the soap and paper products on a month to month basis. The purchasing of air dryers is also a common alternative.

Sanitary disposal – this is particularly important in ladies bathrooms, where feminine hygiene products can be hygienically and discreetly disposed of in the form of specialized dustbins and packets. Baby changing areas also need specialized hygiene services in order to remain clean and germ free. In any environment it is pertinent that sanitary ware is disposed of correctly and efficiently to avoid the spread of germs and harmful bacteria and this is where a hygiene services company can assist.

Medical Waste Disposal – medical waste is one of the most harmful and dangerous forms of waste and it is vitally important that waste such as syringes, soiled equipment, blood containers and cleaning material is quickly, effectively and professionally disposed of. Many hygiene services companys will have a dedicated area of their business for this and provide the correct bins, equipment and consumables in order to prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Food processing industry – a very niche area of hygiene services centers around the food processing industry, and this is mainly done in order to prevent cross contamination such as nuts, soy and other allergy inducing foods. In this industry it is vital to have a professional company available at all times that understands the industry and knows what they are doing.

Air care/ Odor Control – many washrooms will make use of air fresheners and odor neutralizers and a hygiene services company will provide these as well as the refills for these products on a monthly basis so that your premises can look as well as smell attractive.

A hygiene service company will be specifically trained and experienced in providing hygiene service solutions, they will have the correct resources and equipment to do so as well as the effective plans, schedules and methods to provide an effective cleaning service. It is important to find a company with experience in your particular industry to make sure that they are able to provide the solution you are looking for.

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